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OSU's offensive linemen are having fun

Whether it's opening holes for the running game or protecting Brandon Weeden, Cowboys' line is all good.
By John Helsley, Staff Writer, Published: November 1, 2011

OSU also ranks second in the Big 12 — and fourth nationally — in passing offense. And through 372 pass attempts, the Cowboys' front has allowed but 10 sacks.

“They take a lot of pride in run blocking,” Weeden said. “In an offense like this, they always get tagged as spread guys, but they take a lot of pride in pounding and running the football. So does coach Wickline. If it was up to him, and we ran 80 plays, 79 of them would be run plays. He's all about pounding the rock.

“They keep me clean and all that, but what they're able to accomplish doing both, I'm very fortunate. It makes my job a lot easier.”

Through eight games, the Cowboys have produced 15 runs of at least 20 yards, with 10 going 30 or longer and six for touchdowns. Saturday against Baylor, Randle, Smith and Sims all broke off 60-plus-yard romps.

Weeden has always maintained that he owns the best seat in the house for viewing OSU's explosive running plays.

Now he wants the driver's seat. Seeing all the gaping holes, he wants his own designed run play.

“I begged for that (Sunday) night,” Weeden said. “I absolutely begged for that. I want to score, even if it's from the 1-yard line. I can get a yard, especially through those holes.”

Bring back the zone read?

“I don't know about zone read, that's the old offense, I'll leave that alone,” Weeden said. “But I'm all for a quarterback draw here and there.”

Don't expect Monken to go for that.

But that's no slight on the work up front.

“Those guys are doing a great job,” Monken said. “I think if you ask them, what are the two most important stats — and that goes all the way up to the highest level — it's not allowing sacks and rushing yards. There's a lot of pride taken in opening up holes for your running backs.

“They don't get as much credit when we throw it for a lot of yards. That means we've been well protected. It doesn't come across that way and it doesn't feel that way, but it should.”