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OSU's Wilson Youman used to being shuffled around

BY JOHN HELSLEY Staff Writer Published: October 19, 2011

“I was a defensive end in high school,” Youman said, “and when Coach Gundy told me I was going to be playing tight end, I was upset.”

When Dana Holgorsen arrived as offensive coordinator a year ago to implement his spread offense, the tight end position was no longer needed, pushing Youman back to defense.

“I was upset, a little bit,” he said. “But I'm not a selfish player, I know what's the best thing for the team, what the team needs. So, whatever my role is, I'll just do whatever the team needs me to do.”

After seeing Youman drop Ash, Cowboys defensive coordinator Bill Young might like to see more of Youman.

“We're going to start using Wilson a little bit more,” Young said. “Coach (Gundy) is going to let us have Wilson a little more as a defensive end. He brings a lot of quickness and quick twitch to the pass rush, and that helps.”

That quickness could be a plus Saturday, with OSU facing a mobile quarterback in Missouri's James Franklin.

So, which position does Youman like best?

“I actually enjoy both of them,” he said. “But I feel like in my mind, I'm a defensive end.

“I just like to rush the passer.

“I like to go into film study the next day and see a wide receiver who was wide open on the sack that I made. I just like that.”

It was film study that led to Youman's sack at Texas.

“I knew Ash was a get-outside-the-pocket quarterback,” Youman said. “I knew that if I got out of his vision, he'd try to scramble out. So what I did was get up the field, then came back in.

“And there he was.”

Youman will take all the action he can get. Offense, defense … both.

Now, if the tight end could just become more of an option in the passing game.

“All that's fun, but no matter what my role is — whether that's blocking, catching, sacking the passer, blocking on field goals — whatever it is,” Youman said, “I just like to play.”