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OU football: Bob Stoops concerned about number of night games Sooners play

In the last two seasons, 18 of Oklahoma's 27 games have kicked off at or after 6 p.m. Central time. Coach Bob Stoops says those late kickoffs need to be shared more equally between conference schools.
by Jason Kersey Published: June 17, 2012

“We're away at Kansas, literally a 45-minute flight home, and we walk into our home at 3:45 in the morning,” Stoops said. “Are you kidding me?

“Now what does that do for a kid, when he's got Sunday and then he's got to go to school? It's not right. This isn't the NFL. These are still college kids.”

If the one kickoff time announced for the upcoming season so far is any indication, Stoops isn't in for any relief from prime time.

OU's Sept. 1 season opener at UTEP will begin at 9:30 p.m. Central time, although it's a different situation for a couple of reasons.

The game was reportedly going to be played at 2:30 p.m. before both schools agreed to move it back to avoid brutal desert heat.

That is also Labor Day weekend, meaning OU players won't have class Monday to worry about.

But Stoops said his players spend entire gamedays before kickoff in meetings or hotel rooms, which leaves little time for family and friends.

“It's a psychological disadvantage to the young people that we're coaching,” Stoops said. “They walk out of the locker room at 1 in the morning. When do they get to see their parents? Or their friends, and enjoy campus life?”

Stoops said the topic has come up in conference meetings, but he hasn't sensed any progress in evening out the night games.

“In the meetings, we've talked a lot about it,” he said. “It's one of those, ‘Oh, we hear you,' but the whole league is making money from it, so, so what?

“My point is, I don't mind part of it. But everybody should share a part of it.”

by Jason Kersey
OU Sports Reporter
Jason Kersey became The Oklahoman's OU football beat writer in May 2012 after a year covering high school sports and OSU recruiting. Before joining the newspaper in November 2006 as a part-time results clerk, he covered high school football for...
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Night games

Big 12 Conference teams' night games over the past two seasons.

(Note: Nebraska and Colorado's night games are only listed for 2010 because they left the Big 12 after that season)

Oklahoma — 18 overall-11 conference (2011: 9-5; 2010: 9-6)

Baylor — 15-8 (2011: 8-4; 2010: 7-4)

Texas A&M — 14-8 (2011: 4-2; 2010: 10-6)

Texas — 13-9 (2011: 7-4; 2010: 6-5)

Oklahoma State — 13-6 (2011: 7-3; 2010: 6-3)

Texas Tech — 12-8 (2011: 7-5; 2010: 5-3)

Iowa State — 12-7 (2011: 6-4; 2010: 6-3)

Missouri — 11-6 (2011: 4-2; 2010: 7-4)

Kansas State — 10-6 (2011: 6-3; 2010: 4-3)

Kansas — 10-5 (2011: 4-2; 2010: 6-3)

Nebraska — 7-3 (2010)

Colorado — 4-3 (2010)


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