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By Berry Tramel and John Helsey Published: September 13, 2008
Is it possible to have too many weapons? OU writer John Helsley and columnist Berry Tramel discuss whether the Sooners have enough plays to go around.

John Helsley: Add Ryan Broyles to the mix of Sooners capable of playing a feature role on offense, joining DeMarco Murray, Jermaine Gresham, Juaquin Iglesias, Chris Brown, Manny Johnson... but wait. There's not that many balls to go around every game. Are we bound to see some Sooners stewing over their lack of involvement?

Berry Tramel: No. This isn't the NFL. These guys have parents, not agents, jabbering in their ear, and they've tuned out parents by this time. Besides, the new play clock means more plays than ever, so everyone will get their fair share.

Helsley: We'll see how that new play clock works out when a decent opponent decides not to participate in OU's hurry-up methods and runs the ball on occasion. All I know is this, and I've heard it a gazillion times over the years, every offensive skill player insists he's a playmaker.

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