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OU football: Freshman receiver Trey Metoyer looks like the real deal

Trey Metoyer showed what all the fuss has been about Saturday, making six catches for 72 yards.
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 14, 2012

And while the leaping grab on Bell's potential overthrow was a highlight, it wasn't his only big play. Four of his six catches went for more than 10 yards. He didn't have a home run like Jaz Reynolds' 60-yard touchdown, but when you're picking up yards in 12- and 15-yard chunks, that's significant.

That's the kind of production that the Sooners need come fall.

All signs this spring point to Metoyer being able to deliver. Consider that Saturday was the first time that Metoyer has played in front of a big crowd in more than a year; he said the crowds were small at Hargrave Military Academy where he spent last fall. But even with more than 20,000 Sooner fans watching his every move, he was confident and composed.

He played more like a veteran than a newcomer.

“He has the talent to be a special player,” Heupel said. “Ultimately, those things are determined by the way they approach every single day, but from January to now, he has those types of characteristics.

“Can he continue it through May, June and July on into fall camp?”

Heupel raised an eyebrow.

“We're going to find out. But if I was a betting man ... I'd bet he would.”

Who knows? Maybe we'll look back on Trey Metoyer as one of those spring football heroes. Maybe we'll think of him as a guy who starred in the spring game but never produced in the real games.

But I'm doubtful this is a spring flash in the pan.

Metoyer looks like the real deal. Sounds like it, too. He talked Saturday about something his dad is always telling him.

“Don't play like a freshman,” he'll say.

The son has bought into the father's edict.

“If I mess up — ‘Oh, he's a freshman'?” he said. “I don't use that as an excuse.

“I want to be just like everybody else.”

That might not be possible. If Saturday is any indication, Metoyer will be unlike anyone else in a Sooner uniform.