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OU football: Insight Bowl is the Hindsight Bowl for Sooners

OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL — Win or lose against Iowa, this team will go down as a mysterious underachiever.
BY TRAVIS HANEY Staff Writer Published: December 29, 2011

— Oklahoma will play Friday night in the Insight Bowl. That fact, in a year that started with such promise, causes some reflection.

In some respects, this is as much of the hindsight bowl for OU as the Insight Bowl.

In August — or September or October, for that matter — very few would have ever anticipated this sort of outcome for the hotly anticipated 2011 season.

The Insight Bowl? This team? No way. Got to be kidding.

A 9-3 record and the No. 2 bowl game in Phoenix, in the shadow of the in-state rival? Not the preseason No. 1. Not these Sooners, right?

Like it or not, here they are.

“You're lying if you say it wasn't disappointing,” sophomore offensive lineman Gabe Ikard said of the regular season, looking back. “To go from thinking about being undefeated or a one-loss team playing for a national championship, and then turning out 9-3 — and not at the Fiesta Bowl, even …”

Win or lose against Iowa on Friday night, reality is that this team — for a variety of reasons — will go down in OU lore as a mysterious underachiever.

“That'll always be the question: ‘What if?'” sophomore safety Tony Jefferson said this week. “What if we could have done one play better this way, one play better that way. I mean, it's definitely going to be in the head of people here, when you look back.”

Not every Oklahoma team can win a national title, coach Bob Stoops reasoned during a Thursday news conference. But not every group of Sooners starts in the poll position, with a coach revving the engine in August.

“In the end, not every year, things are going to work that way,” Stoops said, “whether it is a certain break here or there or injuries, or whatnot, or you just didn't play as well and you catch a team that's hot.

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