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OU football notebook: Bob Stoops' cap stance

By Travis Haney, Staff Writer, Published: October 4, 2011

That old image of Barry Switzer wearing the “Beat Texas” cap surfaced again Tuesday. Hard to get enough of that old-school brazenness in today's politically correct college football landscape, right?

So, would OU coach Bob Stoops ever don that hat, for tradition's sake in the Red River game?

He was asked last year by The Oklahoman and he said no. He was asked Tuesday by a TV reporter, and he had a different answer.

“Nike gives me one, I'll put it on,” he said, adding he'd seen more inappropriate things on anti-Texas gear.

That might only incite Longhorns fans in his vicinity on the sidelines. Stoops says he's successfully learned to tune them out, even though “it's not like they're polite, throwing me flowers.”

Stoops said the ride into the Cotton Bowl, through the Texas State Fair, has always been entertaining.

“You get all kinds of things pointed at you and flexed at you and everything else,” he said. “It's the best. I truly, though, marvel at people. I'm like, ‘Really? I'm on a bus. I can't hear you. I don't know you. I couldn't care less.'

“You worry about people sometimes. It's like, ‘Go do something productive.'”


Stoops said he was impressed with Gabe Ikard and Stephen Good in their new temp roles at center and left guard, respectively. They'll continue to be in those spots while regular center Ben Habern's broken forearm heals.

Habern is expected to miss at least the next three games. Ball State was a good Texas tune-up for Ikard, a former McGuinness tight end.

“That was obviously useful for me,” Ikard said. “For my snaps and steps at center, that was very valuable for me.”

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