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Oklahoman Published: April 5, 2009

/> Now, Jason Hannan will also be leaving to seek a transfer elsewhere.

But OU has gotten a pleasant surprise in Colorado State transfer Brian Lepak, who is currently walking on.

With Hannan no longer with the team, Lepak is now backing up Ben Habern at center, but has worked in with the guards, as well.

"I guess he is a walk-on technically, but I look at him as a scholarship player,” said left guard Brian Simmons. "He has tremendous technique. His technique is always there and he knows plays, he knows what he’s doing. I think he came in as a guard but he’s taking snaps for us as a center.

"He knows what he’s doing and I really wouldn’t be shocked to see him get a lot of playing time this year.”

Good a beast
With behemoths like Duke Robinson and Phil Loadholt, OU had one of the most imposing looking lines in the nation last year.

But Simmons said he’s never seen anyone as strong, pound for pound, as guard Stephen Good, who is just a rising sophomore.

"I’ll say this, when it comes to just pure strength, as long as I’ve been playing football, and I played at Hargrave Military Academy with a lot of all-star prep players who are playing in the NFL now, I haven’t come across anyone that’s just physically as strong as him,” Simmons said. "I think once he gets the mindset of bringing all that to the field, I think he’ll be a very good player. As far as just being a physical presence, he’s not big enough. He’s going to do nothing but get bigger.”

Scrimmage Saturday
Saturday, the Sooners held their first official scrimmage of the spring, which was closed to the public and the media.

OU will resume practice Monday.