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OU football: Trey Millard might be Sooners' best player, why not use him more?

Assistant coaches Mike Stoops and Tim Kish have made the statement on more than one occasion that Millard might be the best player on the team.
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 9, 2012

If the tailbacks could've been counted on to score, they would've been given that opportunity.

There was no such certainty.

You suppose if Jones would've taken the snap and handed off to Millard, he might've been able to power it in a time or two?

I'm guessing so.

Millard, of course, was a big part of that Belldozer package, but his role was as a blocker. He is a great blocker, and the Sooners want to put that talent to use.

I get that.

But what if he's an even better ball carrier?

Isn't the point of the offense to move the ball down the field and score points? What if Millard could help the Sooners more by running the football than by blocking for guys who do?

Here's an interesting factoid brought up by our man Jason Kersey: there's a guy in the NFL who weighs about the same as Millard and runs a similar 40-yard dash time. About the only difference in the two is that Millard is three or four inches taller.

That player?

Michael Turner.

All he's done lately is rush for 1,300-plus yards three of the past four seasons for the Atlanta Falcons.

Maybe Millard isn't a feature back for the Sooners. Then again, would that be such a crazy idea?

Everyone says that Dom Whaley's busted ankle is healing and improving, but we really don't know. And because he's still sidelined this spring, we won't know for sure until the fall.

If he isn't full speed, Millard would be a great alternative.

But even if he is full speed, imagine the one-two punch of Whaley and Millard. Both can run you over or run by you. (Remember when Millard upended that Missouri defender? That highlight might be second only to his breakaway 61-yard touchdown against Kansas State.)

Line up Whaley and Millard side by side in the backfield, and watch the defenders shake in their shoes.

Bob Stoops is right to be excited about Trey Millard. Here's guessing if Stoops and Co. used him more, Sooner Nation would be giddy, too.