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OU football: Trey Millard's 'play' still draws raves from Sooner teammates

Millard's 73-yard reception against Texas set the tone for Oklahoma's domination
by Ryan Aber Published: October 9, 2013

“The physicality behind that game shows in that play, and he'll make a play like that and then he'll go on kickoff and go make a tackle. It's crazy how much of an athlete he is.”


Player after player used the word when revisiting the play. Shead said it over and over.

Millard is too valuable as a blocker to touch the ball much more than he does.

“He's like a running back, but he's one of us,” Shead, an offensive lineman, said.

Millard had 33 carries and 30 receptions last season, and he has just six carries and seven receptions this year.

That infrequency, though, makes what he does when he does touch the ball that much more impressive.

“It definitely catches you by surprise how big he is, how much he weighs and you see how high he gets in the air,” Bell said. “You're like, ‘Wow.'”

Irwin wasn't too thrilled immediately after the play.

“After I got over the initial shock of him running over everyone, I was kind of upset I had to run down there,” Irwin said. “But obviously every highlight tape you see of us, that's on there and every time we show it, guys get excited and you know it's a crazy play for a guy his size to be making.”

Saturday morning, about two hours before taking on the Longhorns, the Sooners will sit down to watch their weekly motivational video.

The videos show highlights of the previous week's game, usually followed by plays from last year's game against that week's opponent.

“I'm sure it'll be on there,” Irwin said. “Maybe three or four times.”

And it'll still draw “oohs” and “aahs” from the team.

“You're going to hear that, ‘Ooooooh,'” Clay said. “He keeps on trucking man.

“It's crazy.”

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