By Berry Tramel and John Helsey Published: September 6, 2008
Crossed signals
Berry Tramel: The only thing you could really gauge against an outclassed team like Chattanooga was certain aspects of the kicking game, and to me, that's a concern for OU. A missed extra point, a deep snap through the end zone. The kicking game could cost the Sooners if they don't shore up a couple of spots.

John Helsley: No need for concern — yet. You had two freshmen making their career debuts, so some shaky nerves are to be expected. There were plenty of good snaps and good kicks in the game.

Berry: You don't need "plenty” of good snaps and kicks. You need all of them to be good. OU won a national title in 1975 because Colorado missed an extra point. I'm not sure the Sooners know whether Jimmy Stevens will be their go-to foot.

John: OU won a national title in 2000 despite a bad deep snap against Florida State that resulted in a safety. Had a PAT blocked by Texas Tech that season, too. Yeah, you'd like to make them all. But you seldom do. It's all about timing. Miss and mess up against Chattanooga.

Berry: Well, we know we'll eventually see another deep snapper, as soon as Derek Shaw gets healthy, and don't be surprised if we see Tress Way take over at kicker.

John: Shaw will be back. And if he goes down again, James Winchester will have played. As for Stevens, he needs to make his kicks. I — and Bob Stoops — at this point have confidence he will.

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