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OU quarterback Landry Jones dishes on wife Whitney Hand

Jones says ‘Whitney's a great cook' and talks about their summer wedding.
BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: July 23, 2012

They danced their first dance to Josh Racin's, “You've Got What I Need,” and took a quick honeymoon to Las Vegas.

Now, there's two new debates: a dog and who is the better athlete.

“No, no dog,” Jones said sighing. “I want a dog, but I don't know if she's too much of a fan of a dog right now.”

As for the better athlete, Habern's choice wasn't in his quarterback's favor.

“Oh, man,” Habern said “Do I have to answer that? … I don't know. I might have to give it to Whit. She's a pretty good athlete.”

Jones wasn't convinced.

“I think we would have to have a competition,” Jones said, “like a daylong competition of all different games.”

So how would the Heisman hopeful fare in a game of basketball against his new wife?

“If we played horse, she'd definitely win,” Jones said. “But if we played one-on-one, I think I'd get her.”

As for what's in store for Jones in post-wedding 2012, he's working closely with his some of his new receivers.

“Right now, it's about being on the same page,” Jones said, “about how you want the route to be run and what they're comfortable with running.”

So far, to Jones, wide receiver Trey Metoyer “looks great” but he didn't discount Sterling Shepard or Durron Neal.

As the pressure to game day mounts, Jones said he's comfortable being who he is on the field, plus he realized he's never experienced the pressure and nerves on game day like he did before the wedding.

He dropped his hands briefly as he thought back to his wedding day, then his right hand quickly found his left.

“I was about to pass out sitting waiting for that first look photo to come,” Jones said with a turn of his wedding band. “When I saw her, I thought, ‘She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.'”