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OU quarterback Sam Bradford does more in practice, still uncertain for Miami

BY JAKE TROTTER, Staff Writer, Modified: September 29, 2009 at 12:09 pm •  Published: September 29, 2009

Stoops pointed out Monday that regardless of who quarterbacks the team Saturday, the game plan will remain the same.

"It's not like one is a scrambling, Wildcat-type of guy and you have a whole different game plan for him," Stoops said.

What will be trickier for the coaching staff this week will be balancing the practice snaps with the two, since at this point, either one could start. Despite playing well in his last two outings, Jones is still growing into the offense. But Bradford has played only a half of football this season and figures to be rusty after a three-week layoff.

"In the end it's just getting each of them the number of snaps to be comfortable," Stoops said, "and to be able to evaluate Sam throughout the week."

Over the weekend, Bradford visited renowned Alabama orthopedic surgeon James Andrews to get an additional opinion on how the shoulder was healing. By all accounts, Andrews was optimistic about Bradford's recovery after evaluating him.

"It was an extra opinion," Stoops said. "Our (doctors) have been awesome in their evaluation. We got multiple opinions and everybody's were pretty similar and our (doctors) were definitely on the right track and doing the right things."

Now, it's just a matter of determining when Bradford will return.

"He's progressing," Stoops said. "All his rehab to this point has been positive.

"But I think we'll know later in the week what Sam's able to handle and where we feel we're at with it."