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OU receivers are daunting task for defenses

BY MIKE BALDWIN, Staff Writer, Published: October 19, 2011

Coaches watching the Texas film should benefit the Sooners the remainder of the season.

Concentrate too much on Jones, the receivers and the passing game, and Dominique Whaley and the running game should prosper.

“The Texas game gave us a lot of confidence,” Norvell said. “I told our guys, let's put our foot on the accelerator and see how well we can play every week. Let's see if we can be great all time. I think we've kind of touched on it. If we have three or four guys playing at that level, I think we can.”

Three receivers playing at that level is rare.

And near impossible to defend.

Double team Broyles, and Stills can burn you. Pay too much attention to Broyles and Stills and Reynolds is capable of monster plays.

“It gets hard to double anybody in particular because we don't mind going to any of the other guys,” said coach Bob Stoops. “If they double Ryan, we go to a different guy or a seam Ryan isn't in.”

OU's tight ends are viable options. The Sooners move the chains with bubble screens to running backs, an extension of the running game.

But what sets OU's offense apart is a fast-paced philosophy that features three receivers that can produce big plays.

“It makes it hard on defenses,” Jones said. “If you focus more on Kenny or Jaz on the outside, you have Ryan working the middle of the field. Its stretches defenses for sure.”

Because of Reynolds' emergence, Stills' stats actually slipped early in the season.

“Kenny only had 51 yards receiving (against Texas),” Norvell said. “You're kind of thinking, ‘Didn't he make more plays that that?' But he made the plays that came to him.”

That will be the game plan all season. Jones simply has to go through his reads to find the best matchup.

Best receiving corps in the country?

“I haven't seen everybody,” Norvell said. “But with the quarterback we have, as accurate as Landry is, our receivers have a chance to really do a lot of damage.”


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