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OU's Ben Habern: Sooners' ‘clawing and scratching' was fourth-quarter difference

COMPILED BY TRAVIS HANEY, Staff Writer, Published: September 18, 2011

Oklahoma center Ben Habern sat down with The Oklahoman to talk about the Sooners' win over Florida State:

What did the fourth quarter mean for this team?

“We finished out the game. We kept fighting and clawing and scratching. When we needed to get those first downs at the end of the game, that's what we did. We played well.”

Third-and-12 on your own 40 to Kenny Stills and the end zone in two plays. How quick of a turnaround is that?

“I mean, it's huge. Big guys step up and make big-time plays. It's big for us. I mean, we needed to go up seven.”

How did you keep from getting rattled on third-and-12 play?

“We've been in so many big games, especially on the road. Obviously we came up short against (Texas) A&M and Missouri last year. This year, we emphasized our attitude and demeanor on the road. I feel like we really improved this game. It was a tight game all the way through. For us to finish it in the fourth quarter was huge.”

Would last year's team have converted that third-and-long play on the road?

“I don't know. It's kind of hard to say. Well, we did this year.”