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Out with the old, in with the new: Show your closet some love

Oklahoma City fashion writer Linda Miller and area experts offer practical tips for making closets more manageable and functional.
BY LINDA MILLER Published: January 21, 2013

4. Try this hanger tip if you're unsure how often you wear a garment.

Organizing experts suggest turning all hangers backward. As you wear a garment, hang it back in the closet the normal way. At the end of a season, sort through all those backward hangers and purge. Of course, special-occasion and party clothes and accessories are exempt. This little test is really for those clothes you think you wear regularly.

5. Organize clothes by style and color.

It's easier to reach in and pull out what you want if similar items are hung together. All blouses together, all dresses grouped.

Alex Bratton, buyer for On a Whim stores in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, said she even groups sleeve lengths together, sleeveless to long, and then within each of these categories light to dark in color.

“If you need a cute black short-sleeve top, you have multiple choices grouped together,” she said.

Many women get into a rut of wearing the same outfit over and over, but grouping by style allows you to see the options more easily, she said.

6. Organize with boxes, plastic containers, clear hanging shelves and racks. Use these for seldom-worn clothing or seasonal pieces and store on a closet shelf. Label the boxes if you tend to forget the contents. Use a shoe rack or store shoes in boxes only if you're diligent about putting them back there after you wear them. If you tend to leave shoes on the closet floor, make a space in one area where they're lined up neat and out of the way.

7. Pitch those wire hangers.

They're not the best for clothes and they tangle easily. Thin, velvety soft hangers don't take up much room, and they keep clothes in place.

8. Pick up, clean and declutter regularly.

It's easier than a major overhaul.