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Outdoors: Snagging for spoonbills

Oklahoman Published: March 29, 2009
→Spoonbills routinely weigh 50 pounds or more. The state record is 121 pounds.

→Spoonbills feed on microscopic plankton and will not bite a lure. They care caught by snagging (dragging a hook and weight through the water) with a stout surf rod, heavy test line and a large barbless treble hook.

→When fishing in the moving water of rivers, spoonbill anglers cast out across the current, making long sweeps with their rods away from the hook, then reeling in the slack while pointing the rod tip towards the hook.

→Anglers can catch and release as many paddlefish as they want, but can only keep one per day.

→On Grand Lake, state wildlife officials at Twin Bridges State Park will clean paddlefish for free and package the meat for anglers in exchange for the eggs from a female paddlefish, which they in turn use to make caviar and sell to a wholesaler.

→To fish for spoonbills, anglers need a state fishing license and paddlefish permit, which is free.