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Oven Cleaning Tips

Published on NewsOK Published: March 5, 2013

Now, do yourself a favor and do not make the mistake that I made several times (before I knew better). Wiping off the loosened gunk after it has been soaked by oven cleaner with a scrub pad and a bucket of water is not good. It is not good at all. You will never be able to remove the residue of the oven cleaner that way. If you cook in an oven that has been cleaned in the manner that I just described, your food will taste like oven cleaner. I know this from experience.

What you need is two spray bottles. Fill one with water, and one with a vinegar and water solution. You also need either a stack of clean dishrags, or a couple rolls of strong paper towels. It helps to spray the sides of the oven down with water before you scrub with a tough scrubbing sponge or nylon-bristled brush. After you've scrubbed, wipe off the gunk with your towels. There will be greyish puddles of nastiness on your oven's floor. Wipe those up, too.

Next, you're going to spray the whole things down again with vinegar and water solution. The purpose of this is to remove the residue of the oven cleaner. Go bonkers. You might need to do it twice. If you turn on your oven and it does not smell like oven cleaner, you've accomplished your mission.

Here are a couple more oven cleaning tips, which were bestowed on the general public by fabulous members of, the community where the talk is all about house and garden projects: Baking soda does not work as an oven glass cleaner; How to clean between oven glass. Have at it. This is some very good stuff.

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