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‘P.S.' wastes talent on unworthy script

Published: December 21, 2007
"P.S. I Love You” does not begin well: To establish a love that transcends death, viewers are treated to a protracted scene of Holly and Gerry Kennedy tearing each other's hearts out in a vicious marital squabble.

And then Gerry's dead. No, Holly did not kill him, and yes, she really loved him. Gerry, played amiably by Gerard Butler, died shortly thereafter of a brain tumor, leaving Holly (Hilary Swank) to mourn his absence and question the meaning of life without him. Her mother (Kathy Bates) and friends (Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon) try to reintroduce Holly to the outside world, but nothing seems to work, not even the attention of lonely, Asperger's syndrome-afflicted bartender Daniel (Harry Connick Jr.).

The only thing that might take Holly out of the shadows is a series of letters Gerry wrote before he died, telling Holly how to move beyond her grief and reconnect with life. What does not work is this lachrymose adaptation of Cecilia Ahern's best-selling novel, in which writer-director Richard LaGravenese seems to be tugging at heartstrings when he's really manipulating us with sentimentality.

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