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Palin and CPAC crowd shout down Occupy hecklers

Associated Press Published: February 11, 2012

Occupy hecklers tried to disrupt Sarah Palin's CPAC speech, in which she regularly turned President Obama's rhetoric against him, but the crowd shouted them down and Palin turned the moment into a example of how grassroots conservatives can beat Obama.

"We aren't red Americans, we aren't blue Americans, we're red, white, and blue and President Obama we are through with you," Palin said in an appropriation of Obama's 2008 campaign lines. She called for "Change that we can believe in, change we need," she said, continuing that meme, explaining that "we can't wait -- our country hangs in the balance."

When the Occupy hecklers interrupted her, Palin joined the crowd in shouting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" -- a litany that quiickly gave way to chants of "SAR-AH! SAR-AH!" as the occupiers were ushered from the room. "See, you just won!" Palin told the audience. "You see how easy that is?"

Palin attacked President Obama for the Senate Democrats failure to pass a budget. "Going on a 1000 and some days and still no budget -- he mucked it up," Palin said. Obama, directing a remark to Congress while speaking about economic recovery, recently said "don't muck it up."

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