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Panel to review Oklahoma Department of Human Services' policy

BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Published: November 24, 2009

/> Parents adopting children through DHS also must complete a 27-hour course, in which parents are advised to look closely at the child’s records, she said. "Adoptive parents need to understand this is their child forever,” Poteet said. "It is just like giving birth. And that any kind of treatment of them in the eyes of the law is that same way — just as if they gave birth.”

Several parents have had to hospitalize their adoptive children because of mental or violent tendencies, said Erin Porter of the Tulsa-based Oklahoma Attachment and Bonding Coalition.

"Oftentimes they’re left with little choices because the child is being released from the hospital because the child doesn’t meet criteria to stay in the hospital, but they’re told by the hospital if they bring the child home that the hospital will file endangerment to their other children charges against them,” Porter said. "But if they leave the child at the hospital and refuse to pick the child up, DHS will file abandonment charges on them.”

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