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Paul George says Kevin Durant is the NBA’s toughest matchup

by Erik Horne Published: December 10, 2013

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Paul George and his Indiana Pacers will play the Miami Heat on Tuesday. They’ll play the Heat four times this season, with all signs pointing to an eventual Eastern Conference finals rematch this spring that should last six or seven games. But before they get there, the Pacers had to bring the NBA's best record to Oklahoma City on Sunday.

And Kevin Durant sent them home with a loss, prompting George to call him the toughest matchup in the league.

Yes, even tougher than LeBron James, who George is set to play tonight in Indianapolis.

Yahoo! Sports writer/editor Kelly Dwyer questions whether or not Durant or James is the tougher test for George, but does acknowledge that by the end of tonight, the NBA's newest rising star will have had a rough 70-some hours of defensive basketball.

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