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People talk presidential politics, important issues during lunch in Bricktown

People talk about presidential politics during their lunch hour Thursday, Oct. 4. in Oklahoma City.
BY ZEKE CAMPFIELD Published: October 7, 2012

Harley Campbell

• Age: 61

• Residence: Oklahoma City

• Profession: Architect

• Which way will he vote? Obama (voted for Obama in 2008)

• Top issue: “I think you have to look at who reflects your values.”

Astone Massie

• Age: 21

• Residence: Oklahoma City

• Profession: Food service/student

• Which way will he vote? Undecided (Not eligible to vote in 2008)

• Top issue: “Jobs need to be rebuilt, I think outsourcing is a big deal. A lot of outsourcing is killing a lot of jobs here in America and I think that's a big structural foundation that we can come back to and re-change and it would do good for the country.”

Jeanne Pennington

• Age: 70

• Residence: Midwest City

• Profession: Retired nurse

• Which way will she vote? Romney (voted for McCain in 2008)

• Top issue: “Social issues, and that relates to jobs for people and people who really want to work. When people aren't working and aren't busy producing then you have an increase in crime.”

Rick Jaynes

• Age: 65

• Residence: Oklahoma City

• Profession: Safety adviser

• Which way will he vote? Romney (voted for McCain in 2008)

• Top issue: “The first one that doesn't tell a lie, probably.”

Stephanie Davis

• Age: 30

• Residence: Oklahoma City

• Profession: Oil and gas

• Which way will she vote? Undecided (voted for Obama in 2008)

• Top issue: “Women's health care and the laws they're wanting to put on women's health.”

Sarah Penner

• Age: 32

• Residence: Norman

• Profession: Landman

• Which way will she vote? Romney (voted for McCain in 2008)

• Top issue: “The American economy; the unemployment rate.”