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Period of PURPLE Crying

by Bryan Painter Published: September 30, 2012

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About the program

The Period of Purple Crying program was developed by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome with the purpose of educating parents about the normalcy of infant crying and the dangers of shaking an infant.

PURPLE stands for…

P: Peak of crying — Baby may cry more each week. The most at 2 months, then less at 3 to 5 months.

U: Unexpected — Crying can come and go and you don't know why.

R: Resists soothing — Baby may not stop crying no matter what you try.

P: Pain-like face — A crying baby may look like they are in pain, even when they are not.

L: Long lasting — Crying can last as much as five hours a day, or more.

E: Evening — Baby may cry more in the late afternoon and evening.

The Period of PURPLE Crying program and the “Click for Babies” project are part of Oklahoma's “Preparing for a Lifetime, It's Everyone's Responsibility” initiative to reduce infant deaths in the state, said Nicole Chasteen, case manager for the Oklahoma Child Death Review Board.

To learn more about the initiative to help reduce infant mortality in Oklahoma go to

To contribute newborn caps: Volunteers are asked to knit or crochet purple-colored newborn caps using any newborn baby cap pattern and any shade of soft, baby-friendly purple yarn. Anyone interested in participating can send caps they've created by Nov. 30 to: Lisa Rhoades, Oklahoma Child Death Review Board, 1111 N Lee, Suite 500, Oklahoma City, OK 73103.