Pharmacy Shootings
Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland was convicted of first-degree murder in the May 19, 2009 shooting death of a would-be robber, 16-year-old Antwun Parker, while Parker was incapacitated and lying on his back. Ersland is serving a life sentence in prison.

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  • Trial judge refuses to overturn former Oklahoma City pharmacist's murder conviction

    BY NOLAN CLAY, Staff Writer | Published: Tue, Jan 13, 2015

    Former pharmacist Jerome Jay Ersland asked his trial judge last year to overturn his murder conviction, claiming he had remembered suppressed details that support his innocence. On Tuesday, Oklahoma County District Judge Ray C. Elliott refused, saying Ersland can’t raise issues now that could...

  • Oklahoma “gun lawyer” ordered to spend 15 weekends in jail for tax offense

    BY NOLAN CLAY, Staff Writer | Published: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

    Oklahoma City “gun lawyer” Doug Friesen was ordered Thursday to spend 15 weekends in jail and six months on home detention for willfully failing to pay federal employment taxes. Friesen represented former pharmacist Jerome Ersland in an unsuccessful appeal. Ersland was convicted in 2011 of...

  • Accused Oklahoma City pharmacy robber's new trial rescheduled for December

    By Matt Dinger, Staff Writer | Published: Mon, Aug 25, 2014

    The new trial for Emanuel Mitchell, 36, who is charged with murder, has been delayed until December. He is accused of putting up two teenagers to a 2009 pharmacy robbery that left one of them dead.

  • Man convicted of murder in Oklahoma City pharmacy shooting case faces new charges

    By Matt Dinger, Staff Writer | Published: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

    Jevontai Cartez Ingram, 19, has been charged in Oklahoma County District Court with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, domestic abuse by strangulation, domestic abuse against a pregnant woman and malicious destruction of property.



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Jerome Jay Ersland case timeline

May 19, 2009: Two teenage robbers attempt holdup of Reliable Discount Pharmacy in Oklahoma City. Pharmacist Jerome Jay Ersland kills one. The other flees.

May 27, 2009: Prosecutors charge Ersland with first-degree murder.

May 29, 2009: Prosecutors file a separate first-degree murder charge against two men who planned the robbery and the teenager who ran away. All three later are convicted.

Aug. 31, 2010: Ersland's first trial judge, Tammy Bass-LeSure, takes herself off case after prosecutors question her impartiality.

March 3, 2011: Appeals court refuses to disqualify Ersland's second trial judge, Ray C. Elliott. Defense attorneys complained he would be unfair.