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Physician: Hobby Lobby owner is right, contraceptives can abort

BY DOMINIC PEDULLA, M.D. Published: February 9, 2013

Oklahomans need health insurance harmonizing with our esteem for sacred human life, and allowing employers the freedom to choose plans with unconditional respect for the humanity of all, and not just some. Isn't this really the most basic test of civilization? Isn't this the basis of real trust between citizens? Isn't this the sine qua non of free societies, that regardless of individuals' religious beliefs or lack thereof, all can be trusted to respect basic humanity and human rights? Without this basic foundation, what glue can bind us together?

Emergency “contraception” promoters must stop pretending opponents are imposing the Bible, when merely defending humanity. Stop playing fast and loose with terminology when the price for this stagecraft is innocent human lives. After fertilization the human being has begun, as has pre-uterine pregnancy, which now attempts to become uterine pregnancy. What is human always deserves the presumption of basic protection and basic human rights.

Pedulla is founder of the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center and president of The Edith Stein Foundation.