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Pink with envy: Rose gold is blushing on a new generation

Rose gold is back in fashion, with a softer blush and plenty of possibilities. An Oklahoma City jewelry retailer discusses the trend.
By Linda Miller, For The Oklahoman Published: May 29, 2014

Jewelry is taking on a rosy glow these days.

While yellow gold and white gold, along with platinum, shine bright in fine jewelry, rose gold continues to grab attention.

“Rose gold is not brand-new,” said Valerie Naifeh, owner of Naifeh Fine Jewelry in Casady Square. “We started seeing the trend re-emerge about six years ago in European watch lines.”

It soon spread to European jewelry lines, then American designers picked up on the trend, and now it’s not only in fine jewelry, but costume jewelry as well, along with shoes, handbags and sunglasses.

Leading the fashion charge is clothing and accessories designer Michael Kors, who offers rose gold-tone men’s and women’s watches, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, some accented with crystals and tortoise.

In fine jewelry, Naifeh said rose gold today is a much softer tone, more of a blush pink color and not as red or coppery as it was in the 1970s and ’80s.

“It’s a subtle blush color that’s handsome and beautiful on the skin,” she said.

What’s more, rose gold blends well with either white gold or yellow gold, allowing women to add it into their jewelry lineup and mix and layer with favorite pieces already in their jewelry box.

Katherine Brockhaus, co-owner of Brockhaus Jewelry in Norman, said jewelry trends swing like fashion trends, though maybe not as quickly. When a brand like Rolex embraces rose gold, it’s no surprise the soft hue is showing up on everything from charms to rings to earrings.

Today’s hue is so subtle she sometimes has to put it next to a white gold or yellow gold piece to show the difference to customers. Rose gold jewelry sales are increasing, and Brockhaus expects the trend to last as long as any trend, and then it may fade and come back again.“When buying fine jewelry, it’s just smart to buy what it is you love and not worry so much about the trends,” Brockhaus said.

Speaking of love, rose gold also is catching the attention of brides, who are choosing it for engagement and wedding rings.

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