NBA: Player Q&A: Devin Harris

Published: February 1, 2009
Devin Harris New Jersey Nets
Do you have a unique hobby?

I own over 400 pairs of sneakers.



Where do you shop?

Different places. Obviously playing in New York helps my search. I don’t really have a favorite pair. I’m more about variety.

How do you feel about being an All-Star for the first time?

It’s a great reward. It shows I’m doing something right and all the hard work every summer is paying off.

Is your scoring increase simply a matter of more playing time?

Definitely. More minutes. More production.

What’s your reaction to being the leading candidate for Most Improved Player?

I just go out and play. I let you guys determine those kind of things. I’m more concerned with trying to help this team make the playoffs.

What areas are you trying to improve?

Get my mid-range shot to be more consistent. That allows my drives to be more open going to the basket. That and improve assists-to-turnovers, make the right plays.