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  • Hundreds more correctional officers needed, director of prisons tells state Senate committee

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Mar 4, 2015

    It would take 857 additional correctional officers to fully staff state prisons, a Senate panel was told Wednesday. Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee peppered Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton with budget questions as lawmakers try to figure out how to fill budget...

  • Former Oklahoma state Sen. Thomas Philip Watson dies

    By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer | Yesterday

    Thomas Philip Watson, a former Oklahoma state senator and Oklahoma Department of Human Services director, died Sunday at 81.

  • Randy Krehbiel: Sen. James Lankford puzzled by president's immigration remark

    BY RANDY KREHBIEL, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    U.S. Sen. James Lankford says he's puzzled by a little-noticed remark last week by President Barack Obama. Lankford has asked the White House to clarify Obama's statement that "there will be consequences" for federal immigration workers who do not follow administration priorities for the...

  • Rep. Sally Kern's bill to protect 'gay conversion' therapy evokes controversy

    BY DYLAN GOFORTH, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    Sally Kern is used to being portrayed as a villain. The Republican state representative from Oklahoma City has, in the past, asked if blacks in the state had a higher than usual incarceration rate “because they don’t want to study as hard in school,” has said that women don’t work as hard as...

  • Oklahoma state auditor claims bias in selection of Oklahoma Pension Commission management consultant

    By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer | Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    The Oklahoma Pension Commission showed unfair bias and abused the competitive bidding process in the way it selected NEPC, LLC, to continue as the pension fund’s management consultant, says Oklahoma state Auditor Gary Jones.

  • Seminole school bond election splits community

    By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer | Published: Sun, Mar 1, 2015

    A raucous political campaign has been raging for weeks in Seminole, Oklahoma, over a divisive proposal to replace the city’s historic 85-year-old art deco high school with a new high school on the east edge of town.

  • Oklahoma County, hospital fight over inmates' medical bills

    By Andrew Knittle, Staff Writer | Updated: Sat, Feb 28, 2015

    An ongoing legal fight between OU Medical Center and Oklahoma County over who should pay for jail inmates’ emergency medical care has reached the zenith of the state’s courts system.

  • Tulsa County undersheriff accuses Mayor Dewey Bartlett of 'malicious' slander

    BY KEVIN CANFIELD, Tulsa World | Published: Fri, Feb 27, 2015

    Little was decided at Friday's Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority meeting but a lot was said — much of it incendiary. Undersheriff Tim Albin accused Mayor Dewey Bartlett and City Attorney David O'Meilia of malicious and unethical behavior when they questioned whether the Sheriff's Office...

  • While Inhofe throws snowball, little town in Oklahoma plays big role in climate debate

    BY MICHAEL OVERALL, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Feb 26, 2015

    Nearly two hours west of Bartlesville, on a prairie flat enough to see the town's water tower from half a county away, Lamont has a dwindling population of just 417 people. Less than half a mile wide, four Lamonts would fit inside of downtown Tulsa, with plenty of room left over. But Thursday,...

  • Bill to restrict Oklahoma Open Records Act is withdrawn

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Thu, Feb 26, 2015

    Rep. Claudia Griffith, D-Norman, said an amendment passed in committee radically changed the original intent of Oklahoma House Bill 1361 and that she never intended to “gut the Open Records Act.”

  • Bill allowing liquor stores to sell cold, high-point beer passes committee

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Feb 26, 2015

    A Senate panel on Thursday passed a measure that would allow liquor stores to sell refrigerated, high-point beer. Senate Bill 383 by Sen. Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, advanced from the Senate Business and Commerce Committee by a vote of 10-0 and heads to the Senate floor. Bice...

  • Controversial bills giving Oklahoma a black eye, Tulsa Regional Chamber says

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Feb 26, 2015

    A rash of controversial bills being heard at the Capitol has the rest of the nation thinking Oklahoma is backward, says Skye McNiel, a Tulsa Regional Chamber spokeswoman. Those bills range from a proposal to abolish AP history courses in public schools; to a so-called “hoodie” bill , which...

  • Two sentence reform bills pass out of state House committee

    BY GRAHAM LEE BREWER, Staff Writer | Published: Wed, Feb 25, 2015

    Two bills aimed at reforming sentences for nonviolent and drug offenders passed through the state House Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee on Wednesday.

  • Judge rules Humane Society can keep more than 21 documents secret

    By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer | Updated: Wed, Feb 25, 2015

    The Humane Society of the United States must turn over one contested document and portions of two others to the Oklahoma attorney general’s office, but will be allowed to keep the contents of more than 21 other documents secret, an Oklahoma County district judge ruled Wednesday.

  • Ginnie Graham: Conversion therapy law misses facts, opinions from the mainstream

    BY GINNIE GRAHAM, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Feb 25, 2015

    I couldn't help but listen to the 40-minute discussion from Tuesday among lawmakers about conversion therapy, which refers to practices to change people from gay to straight. It's also known as reparative therapy, ex-gay therapy and sexual orientation change efforts. In many communities,...

  • Oklahoma House panel approves measure that could lead to abolishing end-of-instruction

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Feb 25, 2015

    A Senate panel on Wednesday passed a measure that could lead to the abolishment of end-of-instruction exams. But a few lawmakers said it could lead to the teaching of Common Core standards, which were repealed last year. Read the rest of this story at .

  • Gay conversion therapy bill clears Oklahoma House committee

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Tue, Feb 24, 2015

    Rep. Sally Kern says the debate comes down to those who believe homosexual tendencies are present at birth and those who believe these feelings are subject to change.


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