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  • Oklahoma Senate employees get more than $217,000 in raises

    BY RICK M. GREEN, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    The money for recent Oklahoma Senate staff raises comes from cost savings. The Senate had 139 employees in 2008 and has 108 now.

  • Proposed bill would allow refrigerated beer at Oklahoma liquor stores

    By Nick Trougakos, Local Editor | Updated: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    Senate Bill 383, by Sen. Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, would amend state law to allow liquor stores to chill beer “to a temperature that is below room temperature.”

  • State Rep. Sally Kern files three bills targeting gays

    By BARBARA HOBEROCK - Tulsa World | Updated: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    State Rep. Sally Kern has filed three measures aimed at the gay community. House Bill 1599 is dubbed the “Preservation and Sovereignty of Marriage Act.” House Bill 1598 is called the “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act.” A third measure would allow businesses to refuse to provide services...

  • Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame chief says debts are paid

    By JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS, Associated Press | Published: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    A hearing that could have begun the process of seizing the Oklahoma museum’s assets to pay about $11,200 owed to State Farm Insurance was postponed Thursday until Feb. 12.

  • Term limits among issues in new Oklahoma bills

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Published: Wed, Jan 21, 2015

    A proposed Oklahoma resolution would ask voters whether to lengthen term limits from 12 years to 16 years. An election-reform package of nine bills and one joint resolution, all intended to increase Oklahoma’s declining voter turnout. Another bill would empower the state attorney general’s office...

  • Oklahoma bill would put an end to marriage licenses

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Wed, Jan 21, 2015

    Oklahoma state Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, has filed a bill that would put an end to marriage licenses in the state. Under his plan, a religious official would sign a couple’s marriage certificate, which would then be filed with the court clerk.

  • Oklahoma Academy addresses poor overall health of state

    BY JACLYN COSGROVE, Staff Writer | Updated: Wed, Jan 21, 2015

    Leaders of the Oklahoma Academy gathered Tuesday at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City to present town hall recommendations to address Oklahoma’s poor overall health.

  • U.S. Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage

    By Chris Casteel, Washington Bureau | Updated: Fri, Jan 16, 2015

    The court’s move comes just three months after justices declined to resolve the issue, effectively making same-sex marriage legal in Oklahoma and several other states. Now, the huge cultural question is expected to be decided for the entire country this summer.

  • Republican voters outnumber Democrats for first time in Oklahoma history

    By Rick M. Green, Staff Writer | Updated: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

    Thursday’s count of Oklahoma registered voters revealed 2,030,277 in the state. Republicans accounted for 43.6 percent of registered voters in the state. Democrats made up 43.5 percent, and independents made up 12.9 percent.

  • State Rep. Randy Grau's proposal would make major changes in the way the Oklahoma Legislature does business

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

    State Rep. Randy Grau proposes a constitutional amendment that would make public policy bills be taken up only every other year in the Oklahoma Legislature.

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission sends wind study recommendations to Legislature

    By Paul Monies, Business Writer | Updated: Wed, Jan 14, 2015

    The Corporation Commission’s study of wind farm siting, notification and decommissioning has been sent to the Legislature, which is gearing up for another session in February. Several bills have already been filed covering some of the topics in the wind inquiry.

  • Oklahoma House Minority Leader Scott Inman hopeful for Medicaid expansion

    BY RICK M. GREEN, Capitol Bureau | Published: Tue, Jan 13, 2015

    Fallin’s office quickly reiterated its opposition to taking Medicaid expansion funds offered through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

  • Gov. Mary Fallin sworn in for second term as Oklahoma governor

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: Mon, Jan 12, 2015

    This year’s 20-minute speech, delivered in freezing, windy weather, established in broad strokes what Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin hopes to accomplish in her second four years as the state’s top executive, but it lacked specifics that may be included when she addresses the Legislature before it...

  • Reactions to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin's inauguration speech

    By Graham Lee Brewer, Staff Writer | Published: Mon, Jan 12, 2015

    In her speech, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin outlined three goals. Here are some reactions.

  • Idea for budget-only Oklahoma sessions gains steam

    By SEAN MURPHY, AP | Published: Sat, Jan 10, 2015

    With as many 3,000 bills filed every year and rank-and-file legislators complaining they have little input in the state budgeting process, support is growing among Republican leaders to have every other session dedicated exclusively to mapping out Oklahoma’s spending. Last year’s proposal to...

  • Canadian County juvenile justice center to be funded with sales tax revenue, for now

    BY JENNIFER PALMER, Staff Writer | Updated: Fri, Jan 9, 2015

    A heated debate over a sales tax that provides nearly $6 million a year for the juvenile justice center in El Reno reached an Oklahoma County courtroom Thursday. The judge granted a request by the county sheriff and others, who are suing the board of commissioners.

  • Oklahoma man who struck down Ten Commandments monument heads home from hospital, the same day the monument is replaced at Capitol

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove and Rick M. Green, Staff Writers | Updated: Thu, Jan 8, 2015

    Michael Tate Reed II, the man who mowed down with his car the controversial Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma’s Capitol, headed home Thursday and has been told to seek outpatient mental health treatment. A new Ten Commandments monument was erected Thursday, reigniting debate over whether the...


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