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Popular vote the best way to elect U.S. president

Published: August 11, 2013

Regarding “Electoral College best way to decide winners” (Our Views, Aug. 4): Your basic premise of why the Founding Fathers designed the Electoral College is erroneous. The Electoral College exists at the current design due to the lack of communication and transportation options at the time. In today's world, it's possible to count and report each vote within a few hours under most circumstances. The people of the United States are best served when each vote counts equally, not when 49 percent of the votes may be discarded due to a majority of votes being the deciding factor of a state's entire Electoral College sum.

It doesn't seem logical that Oklahoma would be any less represented by a popular vote system than the paltry representation under the present system. Ten to 12 states of the representation similar to Oklahoma's delegation are required to offset states that have swing delegations. In the previous two presidential elections, those of us who voted for Barack Obama in Oklahoma weren't privileged to have our votes count, as all of the electoral votes were cast for John McCain or Mitt Romney. To say that every vote does count under the present system isn't correct.

While each vote may influence the way in which a state's electoral votes are tallied, nationwide popular vote isn't the deciding factor. The National Popular Vote organization is correct — the popular vote is the best way to elect U.S. presidents. The Electoral College is as outdated as the feather quills used to draft it.

Colleen Walker, Edmond


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