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Berry Tramel talks Travis Ford, Lon Kruger and OU's chances of going unbeaten in football in 2014

berry tramel Published: February 13, 2014
NewsOK Sports 10:14 a.m. Welcome to the Power Lunch chat. Berry Tramel will be on at 11 a.m., but it's never too early to get those questions in. Fire away.
NewsOK Sports 10:45 a.m. This is a test.
NewsOK Sports 10:46 a.m. OK, let's try this again.
NewsOK Sports 10:47 a.m. This is Berry Tramel, seeing if my name will appear.
Berry Tramel 10:48 a.m. OK, let's try it again.
Berry Tramel 10:50 a.m. OK, I'm up and running. So send in your questions and we'll get started soon.
dr. el prez 10:53 a.m. Berry, always enjoy talking college hoops with you. Lloyd Noble was pretty much a morgue last night despite Kruger doing a solid job and playing a fan friendly style of hoops. Hypothetically...if Capel had won say twenty-four games his last season and made the Sweet Sixteen....would Joe C have hung with him on the NCAA deal with Tiny Gallon?
Berry Tramel 10:54 a.m. Oh sure. Capel got fired for lack of on-court success and lack of fan appeal. And the two are related. If the Sooners had won that second year after Blake Griffin (2010-11), Capel would have kept his job.
Guest 10:54 a.m. Robert Allen had said yesterday that the new offensive line coach could be named as soon as last night. I have not heard of any announcement . Do you know of who it might be or when it would be announced?
Berry Tramel 10:55 a.m. I have no idea when it will be announced. I know my cousin Jimmie in Tulsa reported that the Oregon State o-line coach is the likely hire, but I don't know anything beyond that.
Guest 10:55 a.m. Hey a died hard OSU fan I was surprised by the play of Mason Cox against UT. Wheres Ford been hiding this guy???? Hammonds and Gaskins olay without any passion...and thats poor coaching, right?
Berry Tramel 10:56 a.m. Anyone who plays without passion cannot blame the coach. That's on the player. You can blame the coach for playing a guy with no passion, but Ford hasn't played them enough to warrant that charge. If you want to blame Ford for something, blame him for not using Mason Cox earlier. The guy looked like he had a little promise.
GilaPete 10:56 a.m. Berry, Do you think Coach Gundy is working any better with the media after his couple of altercations with DOK?
Berry Tramel 10:58 a.m. I only know of one altercation with the Oklahoman, and that was six years ago. But Gundy is not working well with any media, except the in-house people. I don't know why he wants to be at war with the media, but he obviously does and has succeeded.
Max 10:58 a.m. Apparently Bell was a great receiver in high school and worked some at tight end in Norman. Now that TE is his position; have you or anyone you know ever seen him catch a pass? If so what are your thoughts? I don't doubt his ability as much as I'm curios of his style of play.
Berry Tramel 10:59 a.m. If Bell has good hands, then no reason he should be a quality tight end. He shows no signs of not wanting to hit or get hit, so if he can block some, he could be a threat. Of course, the biggest key is, will his heart be in it? Quarterbacking can get in your blood.
Cowboy organge 10:59 a.m. berry, u mentioned OSU's PR firm. Can you shed a little lite to us about it?
Berry Tramel 11:00 a.m. OSU has hired a professional PR firm to help it through dicey situations. SI, Sutton's car crash, Marcus Smart. Good business.
Mark KC 11:00 a.m. Does the SEC (Alabama) have enough power to push through this 10 second rule change for defensive substitutions?
Berry Tramel 11:01 a.m. I don't think it's an SEC deal. I think most of college football will support it. HEck, OU and OSU rarely snap the ball inside 10 seconds. Baylor does some, but most schools do not. So I think it will pass with wide support.
Luvee 11:02 a.m. When does Holder take a serious look at buying out Ford and making a new hire? Lack of depth and recruiting whiffs are why this team will miss the tourney again, not Cobbins injury or Smarts suspension, and it's an issue that keeps repeating itself.
Berry Tramel 11:03 a.m. I don't know. The Cowboys were riding high until losing Cobbins. That's because the depth was shaky, but OSU had a big-time team when it had Cobbins and Smart. Now, it's got a ghost of a team. With that said, I wouldn't fire Ford. The contract costs too much -- he's still got five years left -- and Ford has recruited well. There is reason for optimism, though not nearly the optimism going into this season.
Mark KC 11:03 a.m. Living in KC I hear from KU fans asking what is wrong in Stillwater that we can't fill Gallagher IBA arena anymore. I tell them to just be thankful the Thunder didn't end up in KC or the same would be happening in the Fieldhouse. Do you think that is true?
Berry Tramel 11:05 a.m. No. I don't think that is true. I think the Thunder has hurt OSU to some degree, but a couple of other things have happened. GIA is too big. 13,611. That's too many for a school that's not located in a metro area. Plus, OSU has done a wonderful job building up its football attendance. OSU's fan base is not infinite. Many Cowboy fans have had to make a decision on which sport to buy tickets for, and they've chosen football. I think KU basketball is tradition-rich enough that it would survive challenges from the KC market.
Cowboy organge 11:05 a.m. when IS ou going to get a new arena? make it about 9k and very small. Heard the Smu arena is awesome and loud but only seats 7k
Berry Tramel 11:08 a.m. A new arena at OU would be nice, but I think it's unnecessary. Lloyd Noble is OK, not great. And there's not a great demand. So I think it would be a bad call.
Guest 11:08 a.m. Berry, would a poorly attended Bedlam game by OSU fans send the message across to Holder that Ford needs to go? I imagine having more OU fans in Stillwater then OSU fans would not sit well.
Berry Tramel 11:09 a.m. I think it would send a message. I think that would be very alarming. You know, I think fans got Gary Gibbs fired and helped get Sean Sutton fired. Fans most definitely could fire Travis Ford, if enough bolt.
Shawn 11:09 a.m. I've heard many point guards referred to as the fastest in the NBA (John Wall, Ty Lawson, Westbrook, Lillard, and probably others). How would you rank the top five or so?
Berry Tramel 11:10 a.m. 1. Lawson. 2. Rose. 3. Westbrook. 4. Wall. 5. I have no idea. The reason Rose (when healthy) and Westbrook are ahead of Lawson in general is strength. Lawson is as fast. But not nearly as strong.
harry man 11:11 a.m. are you going to the VOVERRATED nba all-star game in new orleans?
Berry Tramel 11:11 a.m. No. That's Darnell Mayberry territory.
Sam 11:11 a.m. Hi Berry, love you on thunder buddies. My question is do you think OKC will try to build Adams post game over the next few years and try to feed the offense through him as an extra threat? And are we ever going to see another high scoring game from him again?
Berry Tramel 11:12 a.m. We'll not see Adams have a high-scoring game this season. That's not his gig. As long as Durant and Westbrook are in the saddle, there's no reason to run an offense through a postman. He'll just be in the way. Adams can still score a bunch on putbacks and occasional postups.
-M 11:13 a.m. The Thunder need to go 19-9 to once again better their winning percentage from the previous season, you think they'll do that right?
Berry Tramel 11:13 a.m. Yes, I do. The only drawback would be is if Westbrook returns and there's an adjustment period. That could always happen, leading to a few losses. But OKC is 21-4 with Westbrook and 21-8 without Westbrook. I think they can go 19-9 down the stretch.
Joel 11:13 a.m. Assuming OU can remain relatively healthy next year in football and Knight can come anywhere close to his performance against Alabama on a consistent basis I have them going undefeated next year. The schedule looks great with OSU and Baylor in Norman and Texas likely will struggle with a first year head coach. Your thoughts on next year and your prediction on their record?
Berry Tramel 11:15 a.m. I think OU has a chance for a very good year. But I would not predict an unbeaten regular season. As good as OU played in NEw Orleans, the Sooners still had struggles at times. The schedule does break for OU, but the Sooners have to go to Lubbock and Manhattan and Dallas and Morgantown. Not easy places to play.
Guest 11:15 a.m. I understand that Ford has a huge buyout in his contract. But if Ford is brought back next year isn't it a decision between Losing Fan's Money vs Losing Buyout Money?
Berry Tramel 11:15 a.m. Well, I don't think fans could cancel enough tickets to offset Ford's contract. It's more of an interest issue. 8,000 empty seats in GIA speaks to the long-term health of the program, more than any ecomoic immediacy issue.
Mark 11:16 a.m. With what happened last night in Norman, how do you see things going down in Stillwater this Saturday?
Berry Tramel 11:16 a.m. Man, I don't know. That was a clunker of a game OU played against Tech. I'm sort of leaning toward OSU now. Foul trouble would end the discussion, however.
Guest 11:16 a.m. You on the radio may be the best thing ever... more please!
Berry Tramel 11:16 a.m. Better than the Fabulous Sports Babe?
Bill 11:17 a.m. Do you see the Thunder making any moves before the trade dealine?
Berry Tramel 11:19 a.m. No. My guess is that the Thunder stands pat. The team is playing well, it's staying under the luxury tax. I see no reason to make a move.
Guest 11:19 a.m. As an OSU Alumni and Fan, I'm done supporting Travis Ford. I had high hopes that this would be the year the Ford would show that he was the right person for Stillwater, but all I have seen is the total lack of control that he has over this program and players. If he is brought back next year, it would be a real shame and a slap in the face of former players and coaches that built this program and made it one of the Top 10-15 programs in the country at one time.
Berry Tramel 11:22 a.m. I still support Ford. But you're right. He seems to have lost the mainstream Cowboy fan. It's going to be tough to get them back.
Caleb Lance 11:22 a.m. Really excited what Lon Kruger is doing at OU. He has been so succesfull everywhere he has gone, leading 5 teams to the tourney. This being said, since he has already done well here and taken us to the tournament, does this mean we wont have him long? and will he be off to his next challenge say a 6th school to the tournament?
Berry Tramel 11:23 a.m. I would be stunned if Lon Kruger left OU for another job. He's in his 60s. I would think retirement would be the big scare for OU.
Guest 11:23 a.m. If Ford is fired at the end of this year, who would be a realistic Top 5 Candidates for the position? Would OSU have a chance to go after the Wichita State Coach?
Berry Tramel 11:24 a.m. I don't know. He's got a good thing going. Talking about Gregg Marshall. It's been harder to get coaches away from big-time mid-majors -- Mark Few, Shaka Smart, etc.
Jack 11:24 a.m. Berry. I think with the new 4 team play off in College football expansion in the Big 12 is dead. And I think the Big 12 should have tried to get Louisville and Cincy in the fold. What do you think?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. The playoff should have no effect on the Big 12. Everyone is fighting the SEC hype machine, but if the Big 12 will produce a top-flight team, it should be OK. OSU would have made the four-teamer in 2011. Nobody would have made it in 2013. NO one deserved to make it. Sure, the Big 12 should have jumped on Louisville; could have added the 'Ville and stayed at 11., if need be.
Guest 11:26 a.m. Would a Thunder NBA Championship have a larger impact on the state of Oklahoma then any National Championships by OSU or OU?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. I'm going to say yes, because the Thunder has everyone on board. A good portion of the state doesn't support either the Sooners or the Cowboys. But virtually everyone is a Thunder fan.
Cameron 11:27 a.m. Do you think Westy will be ready to go when the Heat come to town?
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. I'm going to guess yes. But I have no idea.
Colton 11:27 a.m. I heard you say on WWLS that your picks for Big 12 expansion were Arkansas and LSU. Do you think there is any realistic chance the Big 12 pursues schools of that caliber? Or any chance said schools would consider joining?
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. I think the Big 12 probably has sent out feelers. But I doubt either school would jump. It would be a longshot. Some bad stuff would have to happen in the SEC -- politics, disgust with the new 14-team format, etc. -- for them to consider. And the Big 12 would have to show stability.
harry man 11:28 a.m. NIT for OSU?
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. It could happen.
osu823 11:28 a.m. Based on what we've seen with the tailspin of OSU basketball, and the talent on this team, do you think Travis Ford should be ousted as coach?
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. No. I think OSU could use some stability. And while this team has some talent, it also has some deficiencies. I would not fire Ford. But he has to know he's on alert.
Guest 11:29 a.m. With all of the talk lately of Thunder rivalies. Does anyone remember when th Lakers were considered a rival?
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. I certainly remember it. It was fun. Two playoff series against the Lakers. But those seem long ago and far away.
Guest 11:29 a.m. Would an NBA Championship all but guarantee that Durant and Westbrook would retire in Thunder uniforms? Reason for asking is that guys like LeBron, Bosh, Garnett, Malone, Barkley, Shaq all came close with their first teams, but left to other teams to get that title. Had they won with their 1st team, chances are they might have stayed longer, perhaps retired with them. Thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:31 a.m. I think the best way to keep Durant and Westbrook is to win the title. The main reason you leave is to seek a title. If you've got one, you know it can be done here. The Thunder has done everything it can to set up a good shop for its superstars. Winning the title would make the future look even brighter.
harry man 11:32 a.m. derek jeter is retiring after 2014 season. love me some jeter. love the way he presents himself off on the field. made the annoucement about retiring and that's it...low key
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. It's tough to say anything bad about Derek Jeter. Class all the way.
Brad 11:32 a.m. Isn't it true that this "lack of control" narrative surround Ford and OSU basketball was non-existent until this year with Smart's outbursts?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. I would agree. I can't think of any of these issues in years past. More talent and depth problems. The lack of control narrative is relatively new.
Guest 11:33 a.m. Are you multi tasking? Or do you have a clone on the radio rigth now?
Berry Tramel 11:34 a.m. Multi-tasking.
Brad 11:34 a.m. Is it fair that Travis Ford gets compared to the likes of Eddie Sutton, Tubby Smith, Rick Barnes, Lon Kruger, and Bill Self?
Berry Tramel 11:35 a.m. Sure. That's his competition. That's who he's got to be compared to. And he's paid well. So yes. Very fair.
Guest 11:35 a.m. Do you think the thunder will amnesty Perkins in the offseason
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. Don't know. Depends on how the season plays out. I'm leaning toward no. Leaning toward Perk staying.
Cross Timber 11:36 a.m. Here's one for you to tackle Berry...why does society/media glorify homosexuality (ie Michael Sam)? I'm not one of these homophobic people who thinks gay people are the worst thing in our society. But I also don't think that lifestyle should be glorified and put up on a pedestal (and I think the vast majority of your readers are probably with me). Thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:39 a.m. I don't know if it's being glorified, but I do think the media is asking everyone to accept it. You can be tolerant without acceptance, if you know what I mean. I think a lot of media isn't really asking for tolerance. They're asking everyone to accept it. I think there's a difference.
Haze 11:39 a.m. Berry, KSTATE to Norman next year, correct? Remember great win in Manhattan this year, Lockett career game in the first half
Berry Tramel 11:40 a.m. Oh, yeah, I'm mixed up. I was thinking 2011 in Manhattan, forgetting that we're in 2014. The years are going by too fast. You're right. That's another scheduling break for OU.
Guest 11:40 a.m. I love the Thunder, but growing up in OK with no team I loved the Bulls with Jordan. If the current Thunder roster remained healthy the entire year, could they have challenged the Bulls 72 win season in 95'-96'?
Berry Tramel 11:40 a.m. I assume not. That team won 72 games. Let's let this Thunder team win one title before we get too carried away.
willie 11:40 a.m. Were the last 3 games of the Sooner football season a sign that Stoops wants to start coaching again?
Berry Tramel 11:41 a.m. Stoops never stopped coaching. I would say demoting Brent Venables and firing four coaches was all the sign you needed.
Guest 11:41 a.m. If the THunder win the title this year, pretty much everybody is under contract next year except Thabo and Fish. Is there a chance they could look at 70 wins next year?
Berry Tramel 11:42 a.m. Again, how about making the NBA Finals before we start talking history? No reason to get too far ahead of ourselves.
Jeff 11:42 a.m. I have no problem with the role Perkins plays on the team, but his salary will keep us from re signing Thabo next year and I think we need Thabo back. They have to amnesty Perkins and use the cap savings for Thabo and the draft picks and maybe add a veteran Big or shooter
Berry Tramel 11:42 a.m. Thabo will not command much money. There is not a big market for defensive specialists who are almost 30 and not that good on offense. I doubt Thabo would cost more than $7 million over two years. $3.5M per year.
Brad 11:43 a.m. What do you think are the chances that Michael Cobbins gets a medical redshirt from the NCAA?
Berry Tramel 11:43 a.m. I haven't done the math. Has he played more than 20 percent of the season? But he already redshirted, which won't help.
Guest 11:43 a.m. any news on OU stadium renovation?
Berry Tramel 11:43 a.m. They're discussing things. I'll check.
Berry Tramel 11:43 a.m. OK, everyone, great questions. Talk to you next week.


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