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Thunder chat: Darnell Mayberry talks OKC-San Antonio

Thunder writer Darnell Mayberry answered your Thunder-Spurs questions today on an overtime edition of the Power Lunch chat. Here's the full transcript:
by Darnell Mayberry Modified: May 20, 2014 at 9:12 am •  Published: May 20, 2014

NewsOK Sports 10:14 a.m. The Thunder took a tough loss in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Can OKC make the necessary adjustments without Serge Ibaka to challenge the Spurs? Darnell Mayberry will be answering your questions at 11 a.m., so stick around and join the conversation.
Darnell Mayberry 11:00 a.m. Greetings, ladies and gents.
GermanOKCfan 11:00 a.m. Why haven't we seen anything of Perry Jones in Game 1? I think defensively he has the same physical gifts as KD, however he doesn't need to run the offense and could use all power to defend, rebound (def and off) and spot up for corner three pointers. Also if Boris Diaw is making OKC pay for playing small ball we need Caron Butler to step up and put in 15 points a night because he has slow bigs on him the whole time. Last thing: put Russell in the post please!!!
Darnell Mayberry 11:04 a.m. I think Brooks is still a little hesitant to trust him frankly. But I think we could see it more often as the season goes on.
Dawn 11:04 a.m. How does Brooks get Russ to quit running down and shooting jump shots? Do you think benching him would help? If Brooks cannot control Russ then what is the answer?
Darnell Mayberry 11:06 a.m. I don't think that will ever happen. Russ did it one time last night and I couldn't believe it. He had another where he came down, ran into traffic, got stopped, pulled it out and jacked a 3 with no ball movement. I looked right at Brooks and there was just a blank stare. Not so much as a side eye. So, again, I don't think it will ever happen.
spurs fan in okc 11:06 a.m. Darnell, enjoy your unbiased work and especially your nuggets throughout the year. I also feel for the Thunder as my Spurs have had more than one season impacted by injuries. I've seen this discussed a little bit, but one of the differences between the two teams offensive systems (used loosely with the Thunder) is how players can't rest on defense against the Spurs and it can be a compounding effect. The TV broadcast mentioned how KD was expending more energy playing defense due to guarding bigger players, more movement off the ball, whereas Parker, for example, can rest on defense by standing next to Fisher in the corner. Which then helps/hurts you on the offensive end as the game progresses
Darnell Mayberry 11:11 a.m. Thanks. Brooks said exactly that last night and I couldn't believe it. Look up my story for the exact quote. But it's long been a Thunder issue. This is nothing new.
Nick 11:16 a.m. How do the Thunder stop penetration of the guards
Darnell Mayberry 11:21 a.m. I think they've got to be much better on the ball to start. But the pick and roll defense has to be much better.
Bubba 11:21 a.m. What do you think about starting Adams instead of Collison and having him defend Splitter and Duncan whenever Perkins needs a rest?
Darnell Mayberry 11:27 a.m. So you want to start Adams and Perkins?
Redneck Joe 11:28 a.m. Darnell, Thanks for having Power Lunch, like I stated to Berry yesterday Power Lunch really gives this yard bird some insights. It is very clear to me that OKC needed 2 of the 3 big men Perkins, Collison or Adams in the game and not that small lineup Brooks is so in love with. I can not believe Brooks did not learn anything from game 6 of the Clipper series where Collison and Adams played so well together after Ibakas injury. My question to you is do you think the Thunder Management sees there needs to be some kind of change before Westbrook and Durant passes their prime?
Darnell Mayberry 11:30 a.m. I don't know this to be fact. But I think management has to see that there are issues that need to be addressed, some of which occur repeatedly and in big games. Whether that means a change will be made, I don't know. But something is going to give eventually one way or another.
dooby 11:30 a.m. Why didn't we see Perry Jones last night? Whatcha think? Spurs in 5?
Darnell Mayberry 11:31 a.m. I said before the series that I thought the Spurs would win in five or six. I have no reason to come off that. The biggest issue in my mind is the lack of rim protection isn't going to be solved overnight with Ibaka back home. That's a series-changer.
JROD 11:32 a.m. How do you feel about toying with a zone with Jones on the floor? Obviously the Spurs have the guys that can shoot you out of a zone, but the last time I checked, a three point attempt is still a much lower percentage shot than a layup. It might seem laughable, but I would've almost liked our chances better in a zone with the likes of Jones and KD contesting the perimeter and having Adams or (gasp) Thabeet down low at times to deter layups. Thoughts?
Darnell Mayberry 11:34 a.m. The Thunder has rarely played zone. And I only say rarely because Brooks on a couple of different occasions said they did. I can't recall a single instance. But I would like to see it. The best thing about a zone, in addition to keeping the ball out of the paint, is that you don't have to live by it. You can go to it for three or four minutes, if that even, and use it to throw the offense off balance. Make them think and use precious time trying to figure it out. Then get out of it and get back to what you're doing. But I doubt Brooks goes to it this late in the season.
harry man 11:34 a.m. play THABEET some and see what happens
Darnell Mayberry 11:35 a.m. Can't be worse than what we saw Monday night.
james 11:35 a.m. No defense in the paint last night. What do you feel should done? besides the obvious play harder and better d we get from brooks. Formations? Lineups? I didn't even think the game was that bad besides points in the paint disparity and 4th qt letting ginobli just go insane. How can this be changed?
Darnell Mayberry 11:37 a.m. You're right. Aside from a bad start and a poor finish, the Thunder was in the game. It was a 10-point contest with 5 1/2 minutes left. But I think the Thunder has to stick with a big lineup for as long as possible in Game 2. Small ball allows the Thunder to score, but that unit can't defend the Spurs. Scoring is a struggle with the big lineup that starts, so Brooks might have to get creative and play big but also get more versatile players out there such as Adams and Perry Jones III.
bvillethundrfan 11:38 a.m. We don't have the depth or conditioning to play big and also run the floor. We don't have the half court offense to slow down the pace and give up chances for transition buckets. Is our only hope to limit our turnovers and play off of them away from the rim to try and force jump shots?
Darnell Mayberry 11:39 a.m. I don't understand why I'm hearing so many gripes about this roster all of a sudden. That's not an attack on you. It's more about comments I've heard since the fourth quarter last night. I think this roster has ample depth and versatility to play any style. It's just a matter of Brooks using those players and those players then stepping up and performing.
Oksooner 11:39 a.m. Does the thunder have a chance without serge in this serious with the spurs
Darnell Mayberry 11:40 a.m. A small one in my opinion. The margin of error has plummeted.
Garrett 11:40 a.m. Do you think playing the bash bros. at the same time would be more effective? I dont think i saw them play together last night
Darnell Mayberry 11:42 a.m. Yes.

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