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Thunder chat: Darnell Mayberry talks offseason plans, free agency and the NBA Draft

Darnell Mayberry went into overtime on the Power Lunch, talking Thunder offseason moves, free agency and the NBA Draft. Here's the full transcript:
by Darnell Mayberry Modified: June 11, 2014 at 9:59 am •  Published: June 11, 2014
NewsOK Sports 10:33 a.m. Get your Thunder/NBA Finals/Derek Fisher questions ready for the Power Lunch chat at 11 a.m. Darnell Mayberry will be on shortly to start the chat. Thanks for joining us.
Darnell Mayberry 11:04 a.m. Greetings, ladies and gents.
Stefan 11:05 a.m. Prediction for next season's 10 man rotation?
Darnell Mayberry 11:06 a.m. Westbrook, Jackson, Durant, Ibaka, Perkins, Adams, Lamb, Collison, Jones and somebody new. I don't know who. Take your pick. Mike Miller. Anthony Morrow.
OmyKD 11:07 a.m. Who would you like in uniform of the Thunder Trevor Ariza oh Aaron Affalo?
Darnell Mayberry 11:07 a.m. Afflalo. He can do more, and in my opinion he's not as streaky.
Alex Abrines 11:07 a.m. I'm ready, bring me over Presti.
Darnell Mayberry 11:08 a.m. Spent some time a few days ago watching some video of Abrines. Not a bad player. Love some of the things he does offensively. Whether he's ready, I really can't speak to. But the potential clearly is there.
Carey 11:08 a.m. Do see a posibility of an assistant being added to the staff to help with the offensive deficiences in the halfcourt?
Darnell Mayberry 11:11 a.m. I do. I think this is going to be a relatively quiet offseason for the Thunder. The improvement will mostly have to come from within. But targeting an assistant is one way to help that development, and I think it's something the team will take a serious look at. At the end of the day, though, it's Brook's decision.
Josh of Ish 11:11 a.m. At this point does Aaron Afflalo seem like a likely move? If so, what is the perceived timeline?
Darnell Mayberry 11:13 a.m. I don't think it is. Since the trade exception isn't big enough to take on Afflalo's salary, the Thunder would have to tinker too much with its roster to add him. And I'm pretty sure the team isn't going into the tax next season, so...
Josh of Ish 11:13 a.m. If not Afflalo or Shumpert, is there another name that seems most likely?
Darnell Mayberry 11:14 a.m. There are plenty of guys out there. It's all a matter of money and fit. If time permits, I'm going to analyze the options today.
Jacob 11:14 a.m. In an ideal world for the Thunder, what happens this offseason?
Darnell Mayberry 11:16 a.m. An assistant is brought in who can shore up the team's offense or defense. I don't care which one (although I'd lean more toward defense). Durant and Westbrook commit to becoming consistent defenders. The Thunder gets a more versatile 2-guard. Lamb and Adams take the next step. Brooks continues to be more flexible in his philosophies.
Guest 11:17 a.m. Do you think CJ Miles would start at the 2? And would he be any better than Thabo?
Darnell Mayberry 11:17 a.m. Yes. And yes.
Guest 11:17 a.m. You think Lamb is ready to start at the 2. He is a BIG key to teams future.
Darnell Mayberry 11:18 a.m. It all depends on his defense. I don't think the team wants to throw him out there with Durant and Westbrook if he's not able to defend consistently. For now, I think they look at him as more of a reserve weapon.
Guest 11:18 a.m. What would it take to get Afflalo? It seems that he is so available and on such a good contract that Orlando's trade price is sky high.
Darnell Mayberry 11:20 a.m. Because the Thunder is over the cap and can't add player's salaries to make up the approximate $900,000 difference between the trade exception and Afflalo's deal, it's a tricky situation. I won't say that it can't happen. But I will say that Presti likely would have to maneuver way too much to get him. I can't see that happening.
Henry 11:20 a.m. What are your thoughts on drafting Elfrid Payton or Tyler Ennis? OKC needs a third point guard and both of those guys are more of a pure point guard the team needs.
Darnell Mayberry 11:21 a.m. I'm more intrigued by Ennis. I think he might have better upside.
Michael Mayberry 11:21 a.m. With Fish being the coach of the Knicks. What is the likelihood that we get Iman Shunpert now? On a scale of 1-10
Darnell Mayberry 11:21 a.m. If it were to happen, I doubt it'd have anything to do with Fish being in New York. I'll give it a 2.
Rafael 11:21 a.m. Assuming the Thunder doesn't move their two picks, who might they be targeting in the draft? It seems like their prerequisites are players with a good work ethic, length, and athleticism.
Darnell Mayberry 11:24 a.m. I'd add youth, size and defense in that mix. But I highly doubt the Thunder brings in two players from this draft. Whether the team trades up (most likely in my mind), out or selects one player to bring in and one to stash, I only see one of those picks turning into a player that we'll see on the roster next season. As for targets, my advice would be to focus your attention on point guards.
Nick 11:24 a.m. Ivan Shumpert just seems like a Thabo 2.0. Tell me why he should excite me.
Darnell Mayberry 11:24 a.m. Because he has the potential to be a better Thabo. And this team had a lot of success with Thabo.
tom 11:25 a.m. Hi Darnell, am I wrong to be skeptical of the "the Thunder needs to play agenda free basketball" opining from the exit interviews? There was rarely anyone beyond Russ and KD on the floor that could make a shot.

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