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Mike Sherman: Bedlam quarterback matchup could be Wes Lunt vs. Blake Bell

The Oklahoman's Mike Sherman took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat covering Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, the Oklahoma City Thunder and more. You can join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. CST on
FROM STAFF REPORTS Modified: April 23, 2013 at 9:45 am •  Published: April 23, 2013
The Oklahoman's Mike Sherman took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat covering Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, the Oklahoma City Thunder and more. You can join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. CST on Here's a recap of today's Q&A:
Mike Sherman 10:59 a.m. Greetings folks. Who stayed up last night to watch Chris Paul's game-winner against Memphis. A Thunder-Clippers matchup looms, but first Game 2 vs. Houston on Wednesday. Let's talk.
Brandon 11:00 a.m. Russell Westbrook is now a Top 5 player in the NBA. True or false?
Mike Sherman 11:05 a.m. True. It's LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the locks. Then we start arguing. Kobe Bryant's season before the injury? Top Five. Carmelo Anthony. Probably. Westbrook's got to be right there after that. Chris Paul is in the mix. One thing is certain: There's a stronger argument for putting him in than for leaving him out. Now, that's coming from a guy who was comparing him to DWade while watching him play on for the OKC summer league team in Orlando before the franchise had even picked a name.
harry man 11:06 a.m. so is mike or darnell on the chat line? maybe a cover up is happening.
Mike Sherman 11:06 a.m. It's me, Harry Man. Just a little technologically challenged. We got it figured out.
Mark 11:06 a.m. With Smart, Nash, and Brown returning what is the scholarship situation at OSU? Will someone need to move on to find another opportunity?
Mike Sherman 11:08 a.m. I'm not sure. Our man Oklahoma State basketball beat writer John Helsley has been telling me the odd man out would be J.P. Olukemi, whose hardship appeal for another year is a long-shot to begin with.
Brian 11:08 a.m. The starting QBs in this year's Bedlam game will be ...?
Mike Sherman 11:10 a.m. Great, great question. I'm going to go with Wes Lunt vs. Blake Bell. Deep down, I think those are the quarterbacks Mike Gundy and Bob Stoops want to win the jobs.
Jed 11:10 a.m. Now that the Big 12 is stuck with only 10 members, will it be increasingly harder for us to recruit the best players in the country? Would a recruit rather play LSU, Alabama, and Georgia on a weekly basis or Kansas, Iowa State, and West Virginia. Seems the Big 12 "leadership" has failed to be visionary.
Mike Sherman 11:14 a.m. Jed, it's clear that Big 12 leaders were short-sighted and thought only about dividing up revenue. They missed the boat on several levels when it came to conference expansion. Oklahoma State is getting recruits out of Georgia fairly regularly thanks to defensive Glenn Spencer's connections. The Sooners have gotten players from there, too. But getting offensive and defensive linemen from the SEC sphere of influence is getting nothing but tougher. And now, with the ACC about ready to lock its membership in by locking in media rights (you can leave, but you leave your TV money with the conference), the chance to lure Clemson or Florida State is gone. Still, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have built their programs on Oklahoma and Texas players, and they're successful programs. Building national title contenders out of that recruiting base in the next 10 years could be a challenge.
Ahmad 11:15 a.m. What will the Thunder do with their upcoming #12 draft pick they got in the Harden deal? Pick at that spot, trade up, trade down or trade out of the draft? If they stay put, who do you see them picking?
Mike Sherman 11:20 a.m. I kind of like Michael Carter-Williams, whose name keeps turning up every time I take a spin on the ESPN Draft Lottery Machine. But I think if Sam Presti had his druthers he'd pay it forward -- draft someone to stash overseas or deal into next year's draft. This team has no needs that can be filled immediately through this draft. At 12 they'd be picking someone who will spend next season in a suit in OKC and driving on the Tulsa turnpike. The value of the Thunder's first-round picks (Toronto's and it's own) are in how Presti can creatively use it to create roster and salary cap flexibility. I know that's the boring answer for draft day, but it's interesting to look back at the way he turns these things into assets.
Guest 11:21 a.m. Why does the Thunder play third fiddle to OU and OSU on Newsok? Every other newspaper places professional teams above collegiate teams on the layout of the sports section online but not Newsok. Why is that, the college game is not global like the NBA
Mike Sherman 11:24 a.m. Do you mean third fiddle on the navigation bar, prominence on the site or volume of content? I'd argue that the Thunder is third only in the first instance, equal or even beyond in the others. We staff all of those beats with two reporters each, and the Thunder plays 82 games compared to 12 OU/OSU football games or 25-30 college basketball games. From a sheer math standpoint I'd say there's more Thunder content on our site than Oklahoma or Oklahoma State individually.
Brian 11:25 a.m. Will OSU's defense actually improve under Glen Spencer's leadership or will it be another year of a mediocre defense?
Mike Sherman 11:26 a.m. I'd go with improve, especially after Justin Gilbert's spring game performance. His play last year was a head-scratcher. The drop-off in turnovers created was stunning. I'm not saying they'll be the '85 Bears, but the Cowboys will be better defensively.
harry man 11:27 a.m. OK, football question. landry jones is a late 3rd round..what ya think mr. editor?
Mike Sherman 11:28 a.m. Bill Polian is a smart guy and he said Jones is the best quarterback in this draft class. I think that says more about this class than it does Landry, but I'd say third or fourth round is about right. He's going to land somewhere where he can be a backup and learn. Good for him.
Tom 11:28 a.m. Ask yourself who you would take, Westbrook or Koby, before Koby's injury. Clearly the way Westbrook is playing now, I would say Westbrook, without a doubt. Anyone who says Koby is thinking of his previous play. Westbrook has overtaken him. Koby is still really good, but not what he was and not better than Westbrook. Agree?
Mike Sherman 11:29 a.m. The truth: The Lakers would have taken Westbrook over Kobe before this season. In a heartbeat.
Tom 11:29 a.m. Mike, the OU beat is one of the best jobs in college sports reporting. Why do you then hire an inexperienced writer like Stephanie to such an important, and desirable position. I would say the same about Gina to the OSU job, but I don't follow OSU that closely. Nice people, just not great reporters, yet.
Mike Sherman 11:33 a.m. I like the coverage teams we've assembled for all of our beats. We've got a good blend of experience, energy, talent, background. We're always looking for ways to serve readers better and that continues regardless of who is on the beat. I'm confident you'll like what you get from our beat writers going forward.
Guest 11:33 a.m. It is on the navigation bar. It gives the impression that Newsok thinks the Thunder is third on the importance scale. I know otherwise the Thunder is well covered, but they should be number on the nav bar
Mike Sherman 11:33 a.m. Good point.
Guest 11:34 a.m. Laundry Jones one of the best-worst QBs? Best in his play and worst in he is too emotional
Mike Sherman 11:36 a.m. I'd say Landry Jones is one of the most unemotional quarterbacks in OU history. Sometimes it seems like the guy doesn't have a pulse. There are many fair criticisms of him, but being too emotional isn't one of them.
Guest 11:37 a.m. Every other news website places their local teams on the nav bar in terms of level. Wouldn't you say that NBA is a higher level than college sports?
Mike Sherman 11:38 a.m. For reader interesting, OU football has always been the top on NewsOK. The numbers don't lie. But things change and are changing. That's an awful lot of emphasis on a navigation bar compared to the content generated and how it's displayed.
Mark 11:38 a.m. Please don't move Gina off the OSU beat! :-)
Mike Sherman 11:39 a.m. No plans to.
Guest 11:40 a.m. KD's cover on Sports Illustated = awesome. "I'm tired of being second"
Mike Sherman 11:42 a.m. I haven't seen it yet. I can see Kevin Durant's point, but a bit of perspective may be in order. He's been second once. And then there's the Atlanta Braves (losses in how many World Series), the Buffalo Bills (losses in four Super Bowls) and the OU Sooners (lost in three BCS title games).
Guest 11:42 a.m. What is up with D Rose? Isn't it time to start questioning his manhood and toughness? Are you telling me that players like KD,Russ,Lebron and Kobe wouldn'
Mike Sherman 11:45 a.m. People are questioning him, though I think questioning his manhood is silly. It's reasonable to question his judgment as to why he agreed to that comeback theme for his shoe commercial. Seems silly in light of his decision not to play so far this season. I have no idea what those other players would do in a similar situation, especially Westbrook, who appears indestructible to start with.
Guest 11:45 a.m. The quote is about how KD was the second pick in the draft, finished second in MVP voting, second in the NBA by losing the finals etc
Mike Sherman 11:46 a.m. OK. Boy, being the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft sure held him back, didn't it?
Mike Sherman 11:46 a.m. Thanks for the question folks. That's all for today.


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