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  • Oklahoma's youth drug overdose death rate has tripled over the past decade

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Thu, Nov 19, 2015

    Oklahoma had the 14th highest rate of youth drug overdose deaths in the nation from 2011 to 2013, with a rate of nine deaths per 100,000 youth, ages 12 to 25, according to a report released Thursday. Meanwhile, the national rate was seven deaths per 100,000. Additionally,...

  • State board revokes license of doctor accused of excessive prescriptions

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Nov 5, 2015

    The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision on Thursday revoked the license of Dr. Tamerlane Rozsa of Tulsa. The board levied several accusations against the physician, including excessive prescribing of drugs and failure to maintain controls against diversion of drugs. The...

  • A day spent at Oklahoma City's medical detox center

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Mon, Oct 5, 2015

    The Recovery Center sits less than half a mile from Oklahoma City's iconic milk bottle grocery building at NW 23 and N Classen. It's easy to miss the rectangular brown building as you're driving to work or headed to meet friends at a nearby restaurant.  Inside the center,...

  • Six felony murder indictments in Pryor accidental overdose case part of a larger prescription drug problem

    BY COREY JONES, Tulsa World | Updated: Tue, Sep 8, 2015

    PRYOR — The felony murder indictments of a teenage son and five others in the accidental pain pill overdose of a Pryor woman is indicative of a larger prescription drug problem that Mayes County prosecutors are hoping to bottle up. First Assistant District Attorney Brian Surber says he...

  • Son and five others indicted on murder charges in Pryor woman's overdose death

    BY COREY JONES, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Sep 3, 2015

    PRYOR — The teenage son of a woman who died from an accidental prescription drug overdose almost a year ago is one of six people indicted by the state’s multicounty grand jury on murder and conspiracy charges. Prosecutors have linked the six defendants to the woman’s death via felony murder...

  • This is what a decade of drug overdose in Oklahoma looks like

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Thu, Aug 20, 2015

    Over the past decade, Oklahoma has seen a dramatic increase in the number of residents who have died from prescription drug overdose, especially overdoses that involve opioids, powerful painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone. Unintentional poisoning death rates more than doubled in...

  • Tulsa physician was known as ‘queen of lean’ for ‘purple drank’ prescriptions, board says

    BY JACLYN COSGROVE, Staff Writer | Updated: Fri, May 15, 2015

    The Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision voted unanimously Thursday to keep an emergency suspension in place on the medical license of Dr. Tamerlane Rozsa, a Tulsa-based family medicine physician.

  • Another lawsuit is filed against former doctor convicted of murder

    By Andrew Knittle, Staff Writer | Updated: Thu, May 14, 2015

    Another lawsuit was filed against incarcerated doctor William Martin Valuck on Tuesday in Oklahoma County District Court. The 73-year-old osteopath is now being sued by the families of six patients who died of prescription drug overdoses linked to him.

  • Records reveal Oklahoma's deadliest month: March 2014

    By JACLYN COSGROVE and ANDREW KNITTLE, Staff Writers, and WARREN VIETH, Oklahoma Watch | Updated: Tue, Apr 14, 2015

    Oklahoma has had some bad months and years during the past decade, but March 2014 ranks as the deadliest month in terms of prescription drug overdose deaths.

  • Shatterproofing lives: Rappelling event will take addiction awareness to new heights

    By Heather Warlick, Staff Writer | Published: Tue, Apr 14, 2015

    The Shatterproof Challenge on April 29 will have more than 80 Oklahomans rappelling from the top of the 30 story Sandridge Energy building in Oklahoma City to bring awareness to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Shatterproof will host 28 rappelling events in the nation in 2015.

  • Opioid overdose drug offers 'a second chance' in emergencies, Oklahoma officers say

    BY DARLA SLIPKE, Staff Writer | Updated: Tue, Apr 7, 2015

    A pilot program in Tulsa County that equips first responders with a drug called naloxone is providing a second chance to people who overdose on opioids. Officials said 17 lives have been saved so far.

  • Tulsa doctor's license suspended after dangerous prescribing methods found

    BY SHANNON MUCHMORE, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Apr 6, 2015

    A Tulsa doctor had her license suspended during an emergency hearing last week, after an investigation found she was prescribing large amounts of narcotics to patients without doing exams or keeping adequate records. Dr. Tamerlane Rozsa also was abusing substances while practicing medicine and...


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Addicted Oklahoma: The numbers behind the epidemic

Addicted Oklahoma: The numbers behind the epidemic

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