President Obama prefers bankruptcy to prosperity

Published: March 24, 2013

Lots of people are wondering what President Obama has in mind as he spends us into bankruptcy. Ask a liberal who considers himself part of the enlightened “intelligentsia” how we can pay for all the government spending when the present debt is nearly $50,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Normally he gives you an all-knowing smile and says, “Oh, there is plenty of money!” End of discussion. What he really means is: “If we can just spend and squander to a point where there is a current debt crisis that even conservatives can't fix, we can then confiscate bank accounts (like the European Union is doing in Cyprus) and pension funds and institute a 20-25 percent value added tax (VAT) along with any other taxes we think we need.”

Obama sycophant and liberal “economist” Paul Krugman admits we will need a VAT, increased taxes on the middle class and death panels within 10 years. Elite liberals see the total wealth of the country and the gross domestic product as belonging to the government because as we all know, at the very heart of extreme socialism is hatred of every American's constitutional property rights “because capitalism isn't fair.”

Drilling for the oil and the gas under public lands/offshore would fix the whole problem, but Obama hates that. He'd rather have bankruptcy for the above reasons than to have prosperity for everybody!

Laura Moore, Oklahoma City

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