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President Obama's record not in our best interest

Published: August 29, 2012

Like Jack Parker (Your Views, Aug. 22), I'll vote for the best interests of my country. In this election as in 2008, I hope President Obama won't carry even one county in Oklahoma. Obama claims to be for the people. How many jobs would be provided by building the Keystone pipeline, more drilling and exploration domestically? Obamacare will effectively socialize medicine and add some 46 new taxes. We'll wait longer to be seen by fewer and fewer health care providers. Obama increased the regulatory burden on business, large and small, which decreases economic growth. Obama swore an oath to enforce laws against illegal immigration, yet he bypassed those laws by invoking “executive privilege” (again) and tries to punish states that attempt to protect their borders.

Obama took auto companies away from shareholders and essentially gave them to the unions. Obama, his administration, his czars and the Democratic leadership continue to do everything possible to grow the federal government and shrink state and individual rights. Obama's economic record is dismal.

His hubris and arrogance are exceeded only by his quest for power. These are a few of the reasons I will not vote for Obama.

Vicki Righthouse, Oklahoma City


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