President's history of destructive failures

Published: October 4, 2013

This country is tearing itself apart, hammered by President Obama's top two priorities. He desperately needs “accomplishment” to offset his five-year history of corrupt, destructive failures. To improve his image he's obsessed with forcing Obamacare on us and pretending that he personally defeated terrorism.

Obama's multiple false promises of a health care system that does everything for everybody with better and cheaper service is now recognized as a train wreck.

Now, even those who helped write it are running from it. Anyone with any political connection is screaming for waivers. Still, politicians openly waste hundreds of billions of dollars, kill millions of jobs and force millions more to become part time while destroying the greatest health care system ever known, solely to help the worst president in history improve his image.

Obama's other “image prop” is his purported, single-handed destruction of Osama bin Laden and ridding our country of danger from terrorism. He's now pressuring everybody to lie about future armed attacks. He saw on video the attack on our embassy in Benghazi — as it was happening — and declared it wasn't terrorism and then went to bed leaving four Americans to die. He went on lying repeatedly to enhance his self-image of the great terrorism stopper and even stood face to face with the families of the men he sacrificed and lied to them.

Ray Cunning, Calumet


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