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Presti: Too early to tell if international signings are NBA trend

By Darnell Mayberry Published: August 11, 2008

it just puts more responsibility on each team to be aware of the global market.

What kind of impact do you think it will have on Oklahoma City's ability to sign free agents?

I think it's still real early to try to determine that. So I think it's something that we'll just have to continue to watch, just like other marketplaces.

Do you think we'll see the day when the league loses one of its biggest stars to a foreign club?

Again, I'm not sure that we have enough information at this point. I still think that the league is certainly aware of it, but at the same time I think they're pretty confident of the product that they have in place.

What would you like to see the league do to help teams compete with what these foreign teams are able to offer because of no salary cap limitations?

I think that would be something for us to think about, but at this point in time without really having a good feel for how the rest of the summer will play out, I'm not sure I'm prepared to answer it right now. I'd really have to sit back and think about it. Without seeing how the rest of the summer plays out and if this is something that's a consistent trend, I really haven't been able to assess it.