Proposal for alternative to Obamacare

Published: September 29, 2013

I propose a new health care delivery system. It would be called the Oklahoma Egalitarian Healthcare — a workable alternative to Obamacare. Let President Obama form the Obama National Health Service operated entirely by the federal government. Issue everyone Obama health insurance that'll cover the cost of care. That's fair and equal treatment for all our citizens. Then, remove federal rules and regulations from all private medicine. Let citizens choose free care in the Obama National Health Service or let them use the same money for private medicine.

The National Health Service would have its budget allocated by Congress and the objective would be to do the most good for the most people using the budget available. That's as fair as you can get. All citizens can move freely and easily between the systems — one run by the government, the other free enterprise. The two systems would compete side by side. By our choices, the people would determine which system we prefer and which will be used the most. Government would not dictate which system is best for us. The people will choose.

Joseph Hayhurst, M.D., Oklahoma City

Hayhurst is a plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City.

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