Proposal for cost-effective immigration reform

Published: June 28, 2013

I propose immigration reform that'll be cost effective, not require border fences or cause additional financial expenditure by federal or state governments. It will also open up millions of jobs within one year.

Give every business owner (or individual) a one-year notice that undocumented workers in their business or homes won't be tolerated.

If an undocumented worker is found to be working in a business after June 2014, that business will have to forfeit 10 percent of its annual value to the government as a fine.

If an undocumented worker is used by an individual, that individual will forfeit 10 percent of his/her yearly income to the government as a fine.

If a second undocumented worker is found to be working for the business or individual, the company or individual will give up another 10 percent to the government. And so on.

This will put a sufficient penalty on every company or individual to ensure that they'll not hire undocumented workers. This will open up millions of jobs for our unemployed and cause undocumented workers to get documented (via a green card) or go back to their respective countries on their own nickel. These undocumented workers would then be free under the current immigration rules to get in line with others who are applying for citizenship.

Anthony DiCarlo, Oklahoma City


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