PSO reduces wind power costs

Published: February 14, 2014

In brief

PSO reduces wind power costs

AEP-PSO has made it easier and cheaper for customers to take advantage of Oklahoma wind energy.

On Friday, American Electric Power-Public Service Co. of Oklahoma announced that it has reduced the extra cost of its WindChoice program by more than 40 percent — to a surcharge of $1 per 100 kilowatt-hour block — and also is offering customers more flexibility on the amount of wind energy they purchase.

The utility started offering WindChoice in March 2011. Originally, customers could purchase WindChoice in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks at $1.72 per block, but now the price is $1, spokesman Stan Whiteford said.

With the voluntary program that allows customers to buy Oklahoma wind power for all or a portion of their energy needs, customers who sign up to participate may choose how much of their energy usage is supplied by Oklahoma-produced wind power. They may purchase part or all of their monthly electricity in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks or as a percentage of their total monthly billed usage.

Typical PSO residential customers could subscribe almost half of their usage for just an extra $5 a month, officials said.

WindChoice is available to AEP-PSO’s residential, commercial and industrial customers, including governments and schools. It has 623 participants.

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