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Public can comment on Oklahoma's A-F school grading rules

The public can comment on the A-F school evaluation system, which is undergoing an annual evaluation by the Oklahoma state Education Department.
BY CARRIE COPPERNOLL Published: February 25, 2013

The public comment period is helpful to state workers and the Board of Education, Richey said.

“It's always so helpful to have fresh eyes look over a set of rules,” Richey said. “What's more beneficial than anything is the different perspectives.”

A team of staff members analyze the comments and determine whether changes should be made, shouldn't be made or can't be made, Richey said.

Because of the volume of input, state workers don't respond to comments.

Last year, when A-F was implemented, about 200 comments came in about the rules, Richey said.

“Obviously we received more public comment with A-F than any other rule,” Richey said. “I expect that to be the case this year, as well. Since I've been here, I think the public has been extremely engaged in all of our rules, not just the A-F rules.”