Public education a noble service despite challenges

Published: August 17, 2012

Regarding “As school begins, debate over seat time will continue” (Our Views, Aug. 10): Why is The Oklahoman quick to criticize public education; yet slow to acknowledge and account for the uncompromising challenges facing educators? The result of having fewer resources is missed opportunities for our students and our state. No one would disagree with the need for talented teachers in the classroom, but is such an assertion realistic if we're unable to attract talented individuals to work in a profession that critics have transformed into a toxic and discouraging environment?

Despite reduced funding our test scores are up; children are succeeding in Oklahoma's public schools! Let the critics of public education trade places with veteran educators who work for children every day. Consider how much more improvement could be made if we devoted our efforts toward supporting educators, rather than continually using tired rhetoric in an effort to dismantle the most noble service any government can provide its citizenry.

Ryan Owens, Oklahoma City

Owens is executive director of the United Suburban Schools Association.


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