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Public funds can go to all forms of recreation

Published: September 16, 2012

Don P. Simon (Your Views, Sept. 8) opposes public funds being spent on the Recreational Trails Program. I wonder if Simon enjoys any recreational activities. Fishing? There are no natural lakes in Oklahoma — all were built with public funds. Golf, tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming? There are a few private facilities for these, but most use public facilities. Does Simon ever enjoy any of Oklahoma's beautiful state parks or Corps of Engineers parks or any municipal parks? What about going to RedHawks, Thunder or Barons games? All are played in publicly funded facilities. Or perhaps he enjoys concerts or plays. With few exceptions, these events are held in publicly funded facilities.

I'm sure there are other recreational facilities I've missed, but virtually all forms of recreation are subsidized to one extent or another by taxes. So why the objection to a few meager dollars for recreational trails? These are facilities that can provide a means of recreation for thousands of people for relatively few dollars. There's no logical reason to deny funding for recreational trails when public funds are being spent every day for a multitude of other recreational facilities.

John Wente, Yukon