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Putting cash on the line to lose weight

Published on NewsOK Modified: February 20, 2013 at 1:16 pm •  Published: February 20, 2013


This website enables you to select from three different challenges. Bet $150 that you'll lose 10 percent of your body weight in six months, and you could win $300 if you drop the pounds. (The 10 percent challenge cost $100 with a $200 prize when Calliari started the challenge last year, but it was bumped up to $150 with a $300 prize in January after customers asked for a bigger prize, says HealthyWage's co-founder David Roddenberry.)

If you have a body mass index above 30, which is considered obese by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can join the 12-month challenge to lower your body mass index below 25, which is considered healthy. There's a free program that awards $100 to anyone who completes the BMI Challenge, or you can wager $150 to win $400, or wager $300 to possibly win $1,000.

The third challenge is called The Matchup, where users are put in a team of five. It costs $25 a month for three months, and the team that loses the highest percentage of their total weight wins $10,000. But about 150 teams are playing at a time, so the chances of winning any money are slimmer.


On this website, there's no money to win. Instead, users set an amount of money their credit or debit cards will be charged if they don't reach their goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a week. As a motivator, the money can be sent to a charity or friend who you wouldn't want to give the chance to hold your lack of commitment over you. You might even try what Stickk calls an anti-charity. You can pledge that the money will go to an organization whose mission you don't support. Stickk collects 29.5 percent of money sent to an anti-charity and 19.5 percent of money sent to a charity. Stickk also lets users use the site without wagering any money, and can set other goals besides losing weight, such as to quit smoking.


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