Q&A: Former OSU standout Terrel Harris

Ex-Cowboy gets an inside look at LeBron James and the Heat
By Anthony Slater, Staff Writer, aslater@opubco.com Published: June 15, 2012

Terrel Harris has played on plenty of basketball teams. From AAU to Oklahoma State, from overseas to the developmental league, it's been a long hoops journey in a short period of time.

But nothing compares to what he experienced this season as a member of the highly scrutinized and constantly analyzed Miami Heat.

From his first day in training camp to his arrival in Oklahoma City for this year's NBA Finals, Harris has seen a lot. At Monday's media day, he talked about some of those experiences:

Q: It's got to be crazy to be a part of this team. Is it the media circus that it appears to be?

A: It's not a circus, I'll tell you that much. I know how it is because I was on the outside like all you guys were, on the outside looking in. So I know what it seems like. But now that I'm here, I mean this is the most structured, disciplined place ever. This organization is strict, very well disciplined and it's a family. Nothing at all what it's made up to be.

Does that come from the top and Pat Riley?

Yeah, he's a very disciplined person, and Coach Spoelstra is very disciplinary, very mental, you always have to be prepared. That's what we preach. You put that with athleticism and talent and you have the Miami Heat.

You mentioned family-oriented, this seems like a tight-knit bunch, despite the outside distractions.

This is definitely a family. That's the first thing that I felt when I came here. We had Christmas dinners and stuff together. We do everything together and that goes a long way. It's really showing now.

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