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Q&A: Former OSU standout Terrel Harris

Ex-Cowboy gets an inside look at LeBron James and the Heat
By Anthony Slater, Staff Writer, Published: June 15, 2012

What's it like to play with a once-in-a-lifetime-type talent like LeBron James?

It's a special moment man. I can't even describe it. Just a special, special player.

What's your best LeBron story? The one you will be telling your kids.

Man, I've seen him do so much in this one season. One thing I will always remember is we were in Milwaukee playing the Bucks. He was hyped for some reason, he said he feels good in Milwaukee, like he scores a lot, everything falls for him. One year he had like 60-something and he was pulling from everywhere, hitting crazy jump shots. And he was showing me the highlights on YouTube. Then he came out, and I swear, he was doing the same moves that game. Like five or six times in a row, the same move and he kept making it. And all I could do was laugh with him.

How has your perception of LeBron changed, from being on the outside to knowing him personally?

You know, I never judge people. I didn't know how he would be. But now that I met him and been around him for six months, he's probably the most humble superstar you will ever meet. He has to be a certain way because he has so much attention on him and he has to be a certain way, but when you are there in the locker room with him, he's great. Me and him are back and forth sometimes, not arguing, but he cracks jokes on me and I say something back. It's like a brotherhood, he's like a big brother. Him and D-Wade and all these guys are like big brothers more than anything.


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