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Q&A: Jeff Green, rookie forward

Published: July 9, 2008
Jeff Green, the fifth overall pick by the Seattle Sonics in the 2007 NBA Draft, finished last season as an All-Rookie First Team selection. The 2007 Big East Player of the Year out of Georgetown averaged 10.5 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 80 games last year. Now, he's coming to Oklahoma City with teammate Kevin Durantas the franchise's biggest building blocks.

In a Q&A with The Oklahoman, the second-year forward talks about when he'll arrive, what he knows about the city and its fans, rookie guard Russell Westbrook and how good he thinks the team can be next season.

Q: When do you plan on coming out here?

A: At the end of this month I'll be out for a couple of days looking for a place, and then for good I want to say in August.

What are your plans from August to October?

Just to keep myself in shape, get ready for the season.

How are you going to go about looking for a house?

Just find a place that's comfortable. They say they're building a practice arena by next year, so probably somewhere in that area or close to the arena. It just depends on where it's at.

Have you ever been to Oklahoma City?

I have not.

What do you know about it? What have you heard?

I know it's southern, because I've got family from Alabama and they tell me about it. The tornadoes, the normal stuff that people hear about when they hear Oklahoma. I heard it's a vibrant community, places are being built to liven up the city atmosphere. So I heard good things.

Have you talked to Kevin Durant at all about what he knows about the city and state from his Big 12 days?

Actually, I had the chance to talk to Tyson Chandler last year when I went to USA Basketball and the word got out that we might end up moving last year. And he told me the fans were great. They always were appreciative whether (the Hornets) won or lost, so that's always a good thing because they're always willing to stand behind us.

What would you like to add to your game next season?

Just be a more all-around player, because last year I was mainly a defensive player or being a guy who was trying to create energy. But now I'm put in a position where I'm handling the ball a lot. The ball is in my hands. This summer league, we're experimenting with that. So hopefully being a guy who can play both ends and be effective on both ends.

What position do you feel most comfortable at?

I'm more comfortable at (small forward), but I can play multiple positions.

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