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Q&A: Manu Ginobili talks about playing with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan

by Darnell Mayberry Published: May 23, 2014

Was there a time you felt like you were in now with Tim?

I think that I earned his respect. For me that was the most important thing. I wanted to earn the respect of my teammates and coach. Making friends is not the main concern when you get to a new place and you want to do good in a career. So by the end of the first season is when I realized I had got their respect. And then slowly, when you get better and you spend more time together, then you develop a relationship. But my goal was to make Pop know that I was good and could help the team; make Tim know that; David Robinson; and Tony. And then we can make a relationship better.

Do you guys talk about history at all and not letting it repeat itself from 2012?

We think about it, for sure, because it happened recently. So hopefully we learn from that. The bottom line is that they just played better than us in those four games and they beat us. Game 5 was the really close one where they made the key shots and we didn’t, and that happens. Hopefully we don't get to that point, and we play better in OKC where they beat us very well all three games.